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Sunday 31 January 2016

Corrie weekly awards for Jan. 25 - 29

The Country of Love award: Brendan. Oh my eyes! And ears! That is one slimy, smarmy goat!

Dirty Dog award: Brendan was still planning to keep in touch with Mary even after he treated her with no respect, his wife was dragging him home by the ear and Dev was shouting the odds at him in the street.

Reformed Man, my eye award: Yeah, Izzy, I don't believe it, either!

Be Careful What You Ask For award: Sally tried to compliment Norris so he took it and made out that he believed it and wittered on so much that she glazed over and excused herself. He was quite pleased at the result, "She won't be bothering me again!"

Phrase of Doom award: Anna reckons Phelan will be gone soon enough but Jason and Phelan appear to be building a partnership. Uh oh.

Misplaced Guilt: Steph felt awful about what happened but she has nothing to apologize for and Carla made sure she knew it. Jamie is responsible for his own actions.

Jackpot award: Anna, apparently, with two jobs, tiny flat, pregnant teenager, disabled family member. The more she protested, the more material she gave Sally for her notes! Ha!

Transportation/Continuity fail: Does Rita not have a car anymore? She went to fetch Jenny and they came back by cab. Why does Amy still need to be picked up after school at her age?

Mommie Dearest award: I loved that Erica and Mary traded "mother" stories. You forget that Erica has had some issues with her mother though probably not as spectacular as Mary's.

Lines of the week:
Rita about an old friend "I didn't know she was still alive" Norris "Going by that photo, the jury's still out"
Norris about Sally's prospects in politics "Thick skinned and able to bounce back no matter how stupid they've made themselves look." (He may have a point) Rita "In that case, it's a wonder you're not Prime Minister!"
Norris "I'm not prepared to sit here and be lectured on morality by a shameless philanderer"
Gail "Subtle! Oh that's my watchword, my motto, my middle name"
Carla "I'm not strong, it's just smoke and mirrors"
Jenny "I know I've got a lot to be grateful for but you can't blame me for wishing I had anyone else's life but mine" (wasn't Sally Ann Matthews good this week?)
Audrey "Sometimes life isn't very nice" Gail "You don't have to tell me that, I was married to a serial killer"
Mary about her prudish mother "There was a time when she wouldn’t even be seen eating a banana in public"
Norris "I sometimes think I'm the last sane person on this street" (You're sane, all right, just not very nice)
Sally "I'm just spitballing a few blue sky ideas here" (well, she's got the lingo down. Kind of)
Johnny "Caz is used to hostile environments. She'll be fine."
Kevin "I thought you was meant to be a Christian" Sophie "That does not make me a complete idiot" (no, but a little Christian charity wouldn't go amiss, either)

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MartesBC said...

The Combo Wardrobe Award: seems like Sophie raided Rita's wardrobe for big B&W over-shalls.

Anonymous said...

Beyotch slap award..Mary deserved she that desperate? I had thought she was marching to her own drum, but no...they had to turn her into something pathetic..crawling around after a man she couldn't have.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rita's car was stolen? That was a rough place that Jenny was staying at... Rita may have chosen to take a cab in order to protect her wheels and have some back up protection in the cabbie.

I'm sure Tracy would not want Amy walking home alone as Tracy knows full well what sort of nasty people are about (herself being the biggest/most dangerous example).


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