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Monday 18 January 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 18 January

Monday 18th January
ANGRY CARLA VOWS TO CONFRONT ROBERT Ken’s pleased when Tracy reveals Robert stayed the night, they’re back together and this time it’s for keeps. As Nick, Leanne, Robert, Andy and Steph prepare for lunchtime, suddenly the bistro is plunged into darkness. It transpires that one of the builders at the arches site has accidentally cut through the mains power cable. Kevin’s grateful as Pat Phelan, one of the labourers on site, offers to sort it out. Meanwhile Jamie and Lee watch the bistro, clearly planning something. Wearing only some sexy lingerie and a coat, Tracy sets off to surprise Robert. But as she arrives at the bistro she listens in horror as Carla implores Robert not to go into business with Nick as Robert tells Carla that their night of passion meant nothing and he only loves Tracy!
KEVIN AND ANNA ARE CRUELLY EXPOSED Loved up Anna and Kevin agree that it’s time to go public with their relationship. But before they get chance an incensed Sally rushes into the garage to enlist Kevin’s help as a council worker is threatening to remove Craig’s new mural to Maddie. How will Sally  react when she arrives to find Kevin and Anna kissing passionately?
AUDREY SNUBS KEN’S OFFER When Ken calls in the salon and invites Audrey for a drink after work, flustered Audrey makes excuses and pretends she’s going to the cinema with Gail. Ken’s bemused.
ELSEWHERE Roy arrives back from visiting Sylvia in Hastings. Clearly worried, Roy explains to Cathy how Sylvia is all on her own having sacked her carers. Jason thanks Kevin for putting in a good word for him  as he’s been subcontracted to work on the Arches project.

Monday 18th January
CARLA’S RECKLESSNESS PUTS HER IN GRAVE DANGER In the kitchen, Tracy reels as Robert tells Carla he regrets their night together but his future is here whether she likes it or not. Angry Carla reckons she can get Nick to change his mind but dismissive Robert leaves. With Carla alone in the bistro, Tracy eyes the knives, hell bent on revenge. Suddenly Jamie and Lee break into the bistro, intending to rob the till and put the frighteners on Steph. Pinning Carla to the floor they demand cash. Scared witless, Tracy quietly leaves, forgetting her phone in the process. With no sign of Steph and a till devoid of cash, Jamie and Lee grab Carla’s bag and do a runner. Furious, Carla goes after them. As Jamie and Lee jump into their car intent on making their getaway, Carla clings onto her bag and is dragged down the street by the moving vehicle. Pat Phelan positions himself in front of the oncoming car but realising it’s not going to stop, Kevin drags him out of the way, while Robert rushes to Carla’s lifeless body.
ANNA GETS A BAD PHELAN Sally’s appalled to realise Kevin and Anna are an item and furious with Tim when she discovers he already knew. Suddenly remembering Sophie, Sally orders them to follow her to the ginnel where Craig and Sophie stand protectively in front of Maddie’s mural. With Sally adamant the mural is staying, the council worker grudgingly admits she can appeal. Sally resolves to fight all the way. Meanwhile Anna’s horrified to see Phelan back on the street, working for kevin.
GAIL WARMS TO A REVEALING DECISION Complaining that the annexe is always cold, Gail asks Jason to give her a quote for under floor heating.

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Anonymous said...

"ANNA GETS A BAD PHELAN"..............Flaming Nora!!!!

Anonymous said...

A second car accident within two months and involving members of the same family,[well sort since Carla is engaged to Nick]?Another Flaming Nora!
I also wonder why is Sally so 'appalled'about Anna and Kevin?She's married to Tim but Kevin is not allowed to date anyone unless she approves?!Also ridiculous and I bet it'll lead to Sally and Kevin having an affair.

Newfy Pearl said...

Holy smokes!!! That was a great episode all around. I really enjoyed it. I believe I will watch it again. :-)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how much Steph's ex looks like rapist Dean Wicks on Eastenders?


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