Monday, 25 January 2016

Sally Dynevor reveals her favourite Corrie Sally scenes

In celebration of 30 years of Sally on Coronation Street, the Mirror have another interview with actress Sally Dynevor today.

Today, Sally reveals she was terrified of Jean Alexander who played Hilda Ogden. She says that Elsie Tanner helped get her to the cobbles and that she started off with just four episodes. 30 years later, she's still there, a national treasure.

She also talks about some of her favourite scenes from her 30 years on the show. It's well worth a read and it's here.     

Our blogger Graeme has written a beautiful tribute to 30 years of Sally

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I very much fear that Sally is in danger of being ruined. Sally Dynevor once said in an interview that she and Joe Duttine would read ordinary lines but they came out funny. Sally D is brilliant at making subtle snobbery out of an innocuous speech. Viewers were quick to appreciate this and the writers must have said: 'Whoopee! Sally's a snob. We'll give her really, really sarcastic lines.' Result: no subtlety and diminishing humour.

Tvor said...

One of my favourite Sally scenes was between she and Molly after the tram crash and then subsequently between Sally and Kevin in the confrontation. Very powerful stuff.

Louby said...

I agree Humpty, the script writers have a tendency to overdo aspects that are successful like this. I often used to think that Jack and Vera's relationship was very exaggerated even though I did like them both.

vintgal003 said...

I love Sal just the way she is......indeed a unique lady....snobbery and all...equating to LOTS of laughs for us!! Long live Mrs. Metcalfe! :)

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