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Thursday 14 January 2016

Preston's Petals - what do you think of Tracy's florist shop name?

The big reveal came last night on Coronation Street.  It was a moment I'd been waiting for, for a long time. No, it didn't involve a car crash. There were no explosions. No-one died. No celebrity joined in a cameo role.

It was the big reveal of the name of Tracy's flower shop, a subject that has had us on the end of our seats (or at least a blog post) for a few weeks.  I've loved the suspense.  If ITV can keep the name of Tracy's flower shop such a secret for such a long time, I do wish they'd do the same with the big spoilers too. 

So, what do you think of Tracy's florist shop being called Preston's Petals?

The shop is sponsored by Interflora, in a deal worth a rumoured £1m for 12 months.  Will Preston's Petals branch out and grow?

ITV have missed a trick, I feel, with Tracy's florist shop.  The frontage of her shop last night proudly declared the website address of  Click on it, go on. Nothing (yet?). Just an empty site with a domain name they must have paid for.  Not even a link or a auto-bounce to

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes Tracy's attempts at manipulation are so transparent it's a wonder anyone still falls for them.

Dolly Tubb said...

I do agree, the build up to the reveal was lovely and I really enjoyed the storyline. And the name was certainly a curve ball! Plus I'm starting to warm to Tracy and Todd together too. Foliage!

Anonymous said...

So people expected a fake website on a tv show to be real?
C in Canada

Jo said...

It's horrible! Why didn't she name it Dierdres?

Val said...

I really thought it was going to be Deirdre's - would have been a nice way of keeping her memory alive. Really miss her.

Anonymous said...

In keeping with the storyline, we knew Tracey wanted Robert to be there for the big reveal, so we knew it had to do with him.
Clever name, I thought.

'Deirdre's' doesn't really say what the shop is, from a marketing point of view. 'Preston's Petals' tells you exactly what the shop is.

C in Canada

abbyk said...

Grow up

Those are the first words that come to mind. The secret was fun but what a let down. Tracy luv, he's not that in to you. He's not into you at all. Move on.

Ken, do something.

MartesBC said...

I agree it would've been clever to have the website link live. Even juicier deal for the sponsor. Good observation. This show works on mixed platforms so I don't think of this as an odd expectation in this day and age. Toxic Todd and Tracey, dealing with the sentimental side of humans in a flower shop will be fun to watch. The irony of it all!

Philip said...

Wait! My CBC channel is non existent over here and only can now catch up on Corrie via computer. What happened to Barlow's Buys?

Anonymous said...

Found the store makeover and the new stock breath-taking--very high end, glamourous. But a bit out of place on the Street. Where on earth did Tracy get the money for this extremely expensive redo? The whole shop has been redone, plus all the new stock--not just flowers but gifts and cards. This would require significant investment capital, plus a lot more time and renos than the week or two that went into it.

Preston's Petals--a real clunker of a name--no pizazz or elegance. Sounds like a place where you'd buy a plastic bouquet for Cilla Battersby. For a high end flower shop you don't want the same style as Barlow's Buys--you need something more tasteful, elegant, that markets fantasy, illusion, beauty, love.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous [14;49]Just as Peter used Simon's inheritance from his mother to buy the bookies,perhaps Tracy used her daughter's inheritance from her grandmother to finance the shop's renovations for Amy's 'future'.
Run Robert Run!

Newfy Pearl said...

I have to admit, I tried the url. I thought because the real floral line was being mentioned that it might actually have a real site. Otherwise...what is the point? lol
Also I think that the more we get to know Robert he is probably going to be another Charlie Stubbs. So I do not pity him with Tracy. She may well be the only one who will be able to deal with him in the end. Mwahahahaha!

Tvor said...

Anonymous above mentioned the name has no taste. When has Tracy Barlow ever had any taste? lol!

Anonymous said...

run robert run! I agree that would be a good name for the shop ha ha.

Stevie said...

I too thought it was going to be called 'Deirdre's' and Tracy would have once again shown a bit of humanity. Silly me!

Anonymous said...

I actually thought it would be called Preston's Pansies - I guess that was a bit too silly, but I was on the right track. As far as where Tracy got the money to reinvent Barlow's Buys to Preston's Petals - when has logic ever come into play on Corrie street. I've given up a long time ago trying to use logic or common sense in these episodes. But I have to admit the set decorators did a splendid job on the décor. I would shop there - maybe now the street will finally keep up with the rest of the world. Yippee.

Anonymous said...

Well let's hope Tracy can recover by re-branding as Petals or P Petals or something... ?

Anonymous said...

So, Tracy had all the stock, flowers, sign etc brought in and Robert (never mind anyone else) didn't notice a thing going on? Thick.

Anonymous said...

Tracy has long been my favourite character on the show. She's one of the few who is consistent for one thing. Yes, she's very self-centered, but it's not like she's asking for much out of life -- the love of a good man and something worthwhile to occupy her. It's not entirely her fault that things keep going pear-shaped. When Robert came back for Tracy he knew exactly what she was like and promised to stick by her no matter what...but the first sign of Tracy being Tracy and he's off. I liked her best with Rob..too bad about that whole murder thing.


Newfy Pearl said...

Anonymous in Toronto - well said!
from a Newfoundland Tracy fan :-)


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