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Sunday 24 January 2016

Coronation Street speculation about new producer, Kate Oates

In today's Sunday People there's a story about the new producer, Kate Oates. Kate will be starting work on Coronation Street in April this year, taking over from Stuart Blackburn.

The People's story states that Kate Oates will be focusing on the veterans of the show and bringing them more into the spotlight.  She's also said to be keen on witty one-liners.

However, here's the important bit. A spokesperson for the soap tells The Sunday People: “Kate Oates doesn’t start producing Coronation Street until April meaning no such conversations have been had. Any claims about her plans for the show are pure speculation.”

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njblas said...

So it's April now - what happened to her taking over the reins 'early in the New Year'? More time for Mr Blackburn to run Corrie into the ground...that's a depressing proposition:(

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.... get out Mr. Blackburn ... and NEVER come back!

Anonymous said...

As I remember there was a great deal of excitement when Stuart Blackburn was hired as producer. That didn't work out. Now we have a new young women and you know what, I figure this won't work out either. Why? Because she is young and I suspect there will be more silly and painful storylines involving the young people on the street and not much involvement with the veterans. Sorry to be so disenchanted and I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right -- history is against the problems of this show being solved with yet another producer at the helm. At this point, the sickness has pervaded the entire show's production and there are no quick fixes in sight -- more stupid plotlines, total lack of smart humor and a bunch of uninteresting and unbelievable characters who strut and fret upon the Cobbles, signifying nothing.

I hope I am wrong, but my head tells me I am right. :-(. This used to be such a great show. I continue to be despondant at how far the quality has fallen. There will never be greats like Stan and Hilda Ogden, the butt of jokes of everyone in the Cobbles and yet they were characterized so well that you were on their side and wanted life to cut them a break. Not so much will Anna and her clan (although Eddie Windass helped lift up this trashy family). Annie Walker, the snooty self-proclaimed "queen" was as sharp and mean to those whom she considered beneath her. But you just couldn't hate her because she was subtle and smart with her jabs and sometimes, the recipient deserved it. She truly felt that as landlady, she had a responsibility to run her establishment not only as a business but as a public service to her community. And as a community building institution she felt obligated to uphold certain standards. Sally Webster couldn't hold a candle to this kind of snobbery. Annie could be mean, but never mean-spirited or unthinking or vulgar. Sally Webster for all her snobbery wouldn't even even qualify as the faintest blip on Annie's radar. And so it goes with Elsie Tanner, the girls of the Snug...

Stephen said...

If she winds up the Callum corpse plot line and gets rid of the awful Connors, I'll welcome the young lady with open arms. Oh, and more stories for the fabulous Kirkeh, please!


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