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Saturday 30 January 2016

Corrie weekly update - the return of the Wi-Fi stealer

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Rita signs up to Facebook and is over the moon when one of her old school friends gets in touch. Then she gets another message from the past which doesn’t cheer her at all. It’s from Jenny Bradley, reaching out across the cybernetwebdotcom. Rita goes to meet her in the park, and Jenny makes out she’s doing fine, living in a flat by the Quays and has fully recovered from her breakdown. But it’s clear she’s still on shaky ground, both accommodation-wise and mentally too. She’s really living in a nasty hostel and when Rita finds out she gathers her up in a taxi and takes her back home to her flat.  “I’ve come to take you home, sweetheart,” Rita coos.

When the taxi arrives on the cobbles with Rita and Jenny on the back seat, the whole of Weatherfield is Not Best Pleased. Sophie, Kev and Sally are furious with Rita and Norris thinks she’s gone and lost her marbles too. It’s only little Jack who raises a hand in a welcome wave as Jenny sets foot on the Street.  Kev asks for a word, quick sharp, with Jenny and the two of them have a heart-to-heart, much to Anna’s disdain. Over Kev’s kitchen table, he remembers his dead son – the one he forgot last time Jenny was around. A tentative bond is forged between Jenny and Kev, but Sophie flounces out and wants nowt to do with her. “I thought you were supposed to be a Christian?” Kev reminds his daughter. Indeed.

Carla’s still in hospital covered in bruises and fresh mascara. Steph goes to visit her and tells her about Jamie and his mate, how they were looking for her in the Bistro, not Carla.  “You’re very strong,” she tells Carla. “It’s all smoke and mirrors,” Carla replies. And just a bit of lippy.

As if Kevin hasn’t got enough on his plate, Anna wants him to sack Phelan from the garage job, but he won’t. Phelan’s a good worker, and Kev knows the value in having him around. Anna hasn’t yet told Kevin everything he needs to know about Phelan – about how she prostituted herself to pay off Owen’s debt.  Gary’s back this week and isn’t too happy to see Phelan again. He throws himself at Phelan by the garage, trying to give him a good kicking. Phelan cries out, so everyone can hear: “Don’t hit me, Gary! Not again!” and pretends Gary bashed him up badly last time around. Ooh, he’s a slippery one, that Phelan.

“Sometimes life isn’t very nice,” Audrey tells Gail this week. “You don’t have to tell me that, I was married to a serial killer,” Gail replies.  And so it goes that Audrey’s week hasn’t been very nice, not nice at all. She has an angina attack when she’s alone in the salon, just at the moment when Ken’s passing by. He rings an ambulance and comforts her while they wait for help to arrive. Audrey, in the throes of the attack and thinking she may be dying, professeses her love for the Kenster. “I love you, Ken and I have done for months.”  She recuperates on Gail’s sofa once the hospital are sure she’s fine and she has a duvet day in front of the telly. She holds court to male callers including Luke with a box of chocolates and Ken with a bouquet of flowers and hope in his heart. Hmmm… I’m not sure about Ken and Audrey together… not sure at all.

Mary and Brendan make the most of an empty house when Dev takes the kids out cross-country running with school. But the weather turns against Dev and the kids and they head back home, only to find Mary and Brendan up to all sorts on the sofa. Mary’s embarrassed, so embarrassed that she resigns from her live-in job at Dev’s. She mopes in the caf√©, calling Brendan over and over, wanting someone to speak to. But there’s no reply.  In the pub later, Brendan’s wife Bridget arrives and slaps Mary across the face. (Why she didn’t slap Brendan instead is beyond me, but hey). Bridget tells Mary she’s one in a long line of floozies that Brendan has on the go, she’s not as special as she thinks. When Brendan comes in and sees what’s going on, Mary demands that he save her honour, but he does nothing of the sort, telling his wife: “My hobby attracts some very strange people!”  Mary had a wonderful line from writer Damon Rochefort this week. In the pub with Sally, Erica and Liz she opines about her mother, who by all accounts is a bit of a prude. “There was a time when she wouldn’t even be seen eating a banana in public.”

And finally this week, it’s the news that Fiz and Tyrone have been waiting for. Little Hope is in remission. There’s celebrations all round and now they just need to figure out a way of repaying Tyrone’s massive debt.
And that’s just about that for this week.

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Conversation Street said...

Great week on the cobbles this week - some fab character moments. We certainly enjoyed the Bistro break in last week, but this week's episodes go to show that Corrie doesn't need to be action packed to be enjoyable.

Glenda Young said...

Yup its been a good week!


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