Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 20 January

Note: Coronation Street is on at 7pm tonight. Why? Read all about it here.

Wednesday 20th January

CARLA’S LIFE HANGS IN THE BALANCE Robert dashes to the Rovers to fetch Nick whilst Phelan tries to find Carla’s pulse. As Carla is loaded into the ambulance, Tracy tries to mask her guilt. When Nick wonders what Carla was doing in the bistro, Robert quickly covers and Tracy shoots him a look of contempt, which is clocked by Todd. At the hospital Nick and the Connors are told that Carla needs an emergency operation. Will they op be a success? Meanwhile bent on revenge, Tracy sets off to the hospital to find Nick. As she approaches Carla’s bedside she overhears Nick promising Carla the most perfect wedding ever. Will Tracy smash his dreams or is another plan forming?
ANNA FACES HER WORST NIGHTMARE Anna confides in Izzy that Phelan’s back and that Kevin must never find out what happened between them. Meanwhile Phelan reveals to Kevin how he was once wealthy but after his wife caught him in flagrante, she took him to the cleaners and now he’s reduced to working as a labourer. When Phelan mentions that he and Anna have history, Kevin’s intrigued. Phelan calls on Anna and suggests they strike a deal. Will Anna be forced to hear him out?
GAIL’S HEATING PLAN CHILLS KYLIE AND DAVID David and Kylie arrive home and are horrified to find Gail and Jason rolling back the carpet in the annexe. Gail explains she’s pricing up under floor heating. Pushing her out of the way, David quickly pulls the carpet back but can he hide what lies beneath?
ELSEWHERE When Sally suggests they should petition the council about the mural, Tim jokingly suggests Sally should stand as a Councillor. But will Sally take it as the joke he intended? Worried about Carla, Roy decides to visit her in the morning and then return to Hastings to look after Sylvia.

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Zagg said...

How many near murders or purposeful lack of action causing near death is Tracy going to be involved in? This person should be locked up. She is a sociopath and a psychopath all rolled into one. It's just too much.

Anonymous said...

Zagg,I agree about Tracy.She has lost total credibility as a character and I suspect if it weren't for the fact that Tracy is a Barlow,she would've been gone long ago.
Surely Tracy won't be allowed to get away with her latest revenge scheme[HO HUM] against Carla?

MartesBC said...

Hmm, me thinks that Tracy's revenge might be another "green" story line I.e. Recycled. she will bust into the church and tell all about Carla and Robert's 'affair' during the ceremony and wreck the day.

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