Saturday, 23 January 2016

Tracy and Todd - the odd couple of Coronation Street

Is anyone else loving the relationship between Tracy and Todd in Coronation Street?  These two are perfect together and I'm starting to really enjoy any scene in which they're both in.  Not because I like them, but exactly because I don't.

Both of them are friendless (apart from Beth, who for some strange reason, likes Tracy). And having no-one else who can put up with either of them, they've found their own friendship together.  Both of them are evil and nasty and capable of the most horrible things, even murder.  They understand each other so well.

I think Todd's got the upper hand in the relationship though as he knows and understands Tracy very well.  Tracy, on the other hand, isn't the brightest button in the box as far as working out how other people's minds work and I doubt she'd be able to get one over on Todd.

I'm wondering where this friendship will go.  With Todd being gay, there's no way Tracy can flatter him and flirt with him to get what she wants.  I hope they both join forces to do something unspeakably nasty, with Tracy hoping to put the blame for it all on Todd and then it all comes crashing down on her instead.

Mind you, I'm still hopeful that she'll get found out for causing the Victoria Court fire but that seems to have been forgotton about. Let's hope that when Kate Oates comes in as new Coronation Street producer this spring, she'll tie up a whole load of story loose ends.

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Anonymous said...

Agree...they are perfectly horrible together. I hate Todd but I hate Tracy even more, which means both actors are doing a great job!

Tvor said...

Yes they are turning into a great double act

Humpty Dumpty said...

These two characters only work for me when they're together. Their interactions with other characters stretch credibility or are just boring. Tracy and Amy are OK, but there's only so much you can do with a child character. Because sex and romance don't feature between Todd and Tracy, the writers have had to find different reasons for their connection. Kate Ford needs a strong partner to lift her performance and Bruno Langley does the job - likewise Marc Bayliss but contrariwise Tristan Gemmill

Anonymous said...

so when is Kate Oates starting work? enough of the terrible Blackburn already!

Unknown said...

Love them together! Not sure about them plotting something though, prefer the friendship as it is.

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