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Thursday 28 January 2016

Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 27 January

Hello! Just Jordan here with this week's Wednesday review.

"If I don't see you again, Ken, I want you to know - I do love you. I have done for months"
 It's early morning on the cobbles and Ken is at the salon door, trying his luck with Audrey again and asking her out for a drink. He is left wondering what is wrong when she hurries away, so he asks Gail to intervene. Always a wise idea. At the mention of Ken's name, Audrey jumps. She can't concentrate on anything and snaps at Kylie for being more intrested in playing he pushy sports mother to Max over making a coffee for Mrs Chadwick.  Over a chat in the caf√© Audrey promises to Gail that she'll snap out of her mood.  However, things take a turn for the worst when closing up and some sort of heart attack strikes. Audrey stumbles and falls, knocking all her salon products dramatically to the ground. Ken just so happens to be passing the salon and becomes the hero of the hour. Terrified she may not live much longer, Audrey finally confesses her love to Ken. Roll credits.

We see the return of Jenny Bradley in last night's episode. After connecting with Rita via the magic of Facebook,  the two meet up by a canal side but the reunion is very brief and Jenny leaves when Rita is hesitant to forgive her. Very conveniently, she leaves her purse on the bench and Rita is forced to deliver it back to Jenny's current address. It turns out she is living in a bedsit without a telly and has been hacking into next door's wifi. Rita seems to understand. It will be interesting to see what her return will bring to the shoe. Will she bring something ecvituing and fresh or will it just be a replay of last year's events? And more importantly- does she still have her wig handy?

Carla is still in the hospital (her second home) and it transpires that Jamie has been arrested and sentenced. Thankfully, we didn't see much of the Carla in Hospital Again storyline last night. As much as I love Carla as a character, I can't bear the slow hospital scenes with Nick. A lovely scene occurred though when Steph decided to visit her, although the flowers she ordered from Tracy's shop were of course not permitted in the hospital ward.

"You're really strong"
"I'm not strong. It's smoke and mirrors"
Elsewhere, Mary Poppins experienced quite the change of character in last night's episode as she turns from supernanny obsessing about the children's welfare to a passionate mess on Dev's sofa, having smuggled her married man Brendan into the house again. Typically,  they were caught in the heat of the moment by Dev again nd the children. It may have been a clich√© story but the way the scene was written by the wonderful Jonathan Harvey provoked more than a few giggles from me.

"Single file children, let Mr Barlow past"
"It's alright, they're not in my way"
"No, but you might push them into the street. Health and safety. Breathe in"

"What are you doing home so early?!"
A good episode by my personal favourite writer, Jonathan Harvey.

Thanks for reading!

Jordan.  Twitter- @JordanLloyd39

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Tvor said...

I loved that Steph went to see Carla. It's very much something she would do. Steph really is a lovely person, I think.

It was a good episode, I quite enjoyed it

C in Canada said...

I will second Tvor's praise of Steph. She's such a lovely, bright, bubbly, feisty character that lights up the screen when she's on.
She's good at playing the 'tough on the surface/fragile underneath' girl and I love that about her.

MartesBC said...

Thanks for the review. I love Steph too and I think she can grow to be a strong matriarch on the Street. I hope she gets her own business on the Street some day.

Zagg said...

It took me a while to warm up to her, but I do really like her character and really love the relationship with her brother, Luke. They really pull that off with the way they interact with each other. Having two brothers myself, their portrayal of real siblings really sounds familiar.
I hope they find a nice girl for Luke, though. The Maria thing does not work in my opinion. He's too young to get tied down with her life and baggage. Plus she is just so boring.
Please TPTB, please don't ruin Steph and Luke with bad story lines or give them personality changes.


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