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Friday 29 January 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 29 January

Friday 29th January
KEVIN OPENS HIS DOOR TO A SHOCK  Rita calls at Jenny’s flat and finding her visibly scared and clearly in a bad way, insists she’s coming to live with her. Jenny’s cries in Rita’s arms. As Jenny gathers her things, she confides in Rita how she’s dreading facing Kevin and Sophie again. Rita assures her they’ll cross that bridge together. But as Rita and Jenny arrive back on the street, they come face to face with Kevin, Sophie and Jack!
MARY’S BANG TO RIGHTS Deeply embarrassed Mary apologises to Asha and Aadi for her unacceptable behaviour and hands in her resignation to Dev. Dev’s stunned and begs Erica to try and persuade Mary to retract her resignation as the children are devastated. At Erica and Liz’s insistence, Mary joins them for a glass of wine. As they suggest she was too hasty handing in her notice, a woman approaches and introducing herself as Bridget, explains that she’s Brendan’s wife. Mary’s horrified.
FIZ AND TYRONE GET NEWS OF HOPE In the hospital, the consultant delivers the news about Hope’s operation. Will Fiz and Tyrone get the good news they’re so desperate to hear?
ELSEWHERE Gail fusses round Audrey as she recuperates on the sofa at No.8, relieved that she suffered an angina attack and nothing worse. Ken calls with flowers but when he tries to discuss her feelings for him, will Audrey be quite so ready to open up? Richie O’Driscoll calls in the factory and invites Aidan and Johnny to a drinks party at his house on Monday.

Friday 29th January
JENNY’S RETURN REVERBERATES ROUND THE STREET Putting a protective arm round Jack, Sophie vents her anger on Jenny demanding to know what she’s doing back on the street. At No.13, Jenny pours her heart out to Kevin explaining how mentally ill she’s been but with the help of counselling is now a lot better. Kevin listens, conflicted. In the Kabin, Sally rounds on Jenny but Kevin arrives and tells Jenny that while she must stay away from Jack, she’s welcome to live with Rita as far as he’s concerned. Sally and Norris are flabbergasted whilst Sophie's deeply upset by Kevin’s attitude towards Jenny. Likening his own situation with Jenny to hers with Phelan, Kevin suggests it’s time for Anna to forgive and forget. Will Anna take his words on board or will she decide there’s no future for their relationship?
MARY PAYS A HEAVY PRICE FOR LOVE Calling Mary a trollop, Bridget slaps her round the face. As Mary explains how she and Brendan are in love, Brendan arrives and denying all knowledge of their affair, dismisses Mary as one of his weird fans. Mary’s heartbroken. As Bridget bundles Brendan into the car, Dev orders him to stay away from Mary. But will Brendan heed his words? Deeply upset, Mary heads back to No.7. Finding her with her bags packed Erica decides it’s time for a woman to woman chat, will she be able to convince Mary to stay and face the gossips?
FIZ FORCES TYRONE TO FACE UP TO REALITY As Tyrone and Fiz share the news about Hope with their friends and family, Fiz tells Tyrone it’s time they also face up to their mounting debts.
ELSEWHERE Over a drink, Johnny persuades Aidan that for the sake of the business they need to bury the hatchet. Will Aidan agree?

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone even care about Hope's illness? I lost interest long before Lapland. What's with more Sophie berating someone over something that happened to someone else? Her father's son. With his best friend's wife. Sally has even less reason to stick her big mouth in.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for still using the word 'preview'and not the simpleton baby language other media sites use instead!

MartesBC said...

For me this has turned into a comeuppance story for Mary. She can be so vile to others. And now she had fallen off her high horse. The only thing I enjoy about her are some of her nutty mutterings... Otherwise a confusing and unlikable character for me, sorry to say.

Zagg said...

So much for Sophie and her Christian beliefs. The lack of understanding about mental illness from her and Sally is appalling. Thankfully, they made Kevin to be understanding. He is of course cautious, but not mean about the situation.
I have to agree about Mary. As uncomfortable as that situation might be to watch, she kind of deserves it. She is pretty crappy and judgemental to other people. I do like that Dev is such a loyal friend though. It's a nice character trait they have given him.

Tvor said...

In the whole 55+ years of Coronation Street, there have been plenty of women done dirty by affairs with married men. The ones that knew the fellas were married knew what they were getting into and got their hearts broken anyway. I wouldn't say any of them deserved it as a result of who they were or what kind of person they were. They made bad choices and paid the price. End of. Mary ignored Rita's advice, given from experience, just like most women do because they think their situation will be different. They always learn the hard way. It's unfair to say Mary deserves this because she's not always very nice. Getting involved with a married man happens to the best and the worst of women.

Zagg said...

I don't think it is unfair at all to say Mary kind of deserves this. In life the "what goes around comes around" theory holds true in many cases. Call it Karma or whatever. Mary has blustered her way through the street for years, condemning people for imagined slights, kidnapping Norris (no we have not forgotten) sabotaging Roy and Hayley's wedding (no we have not forgotten)and just generally acting holier then thou for most of her time on the street with little consequence. So,in the words of my favourite writer, Jack Kerouac..."There's your Karma, ripe as peaches."

Laura said...

I agree with Zagg to an extent. I don't think Mary deserves to have a bad situation happen to her, but I do think that, just like anyone else, she deserves to experience the consequences of her bad decision, which should be similar to the level of judgement she never hesitates to inflict upon others.

Maybe I'm cynical or a horrible person, I'm certainly no Roy, but I don't believe Mary is the type of person who would change her ways after being shown undue mercy herself. At best it would provoke a temporary change in her character, then she would be back to judging others just as harshly as she's always done. I could be wrong on that, but I doubt it.

Louby said...

After the brilliant scenes with Jenny and Rita on Wednesday, I'm really not looking forward to the inevitable shouting that will happen tonight. Mute button at the ready!

Lily Bigfield said...

Beautifully played scenes with Jenny and Rita, that I found very touching. Usual shouting and judgmental ignorance from Sally that I no longer find amusing.
And let's hope Mary's experience leads her to greater maturity and better understanding of life, and more sympathy for others.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2;28,Jack is not only her father's son but Sophie's little brother as well so I think it's understandable she would have a go at Jenny,the woman who attempted murder -suicide with her brother.
I also doubt that Jenny won't heed Kevin's wish about staying away from Jack.
After the way Fiz has been cold to Tyrone about how he 'ruined'Hope's life [not Ruby's' I noticed]getting them deep in debt for Lapland,I've lost interest in the storyline and sympathy for Fiz as Hope's mother.

Anonymous said...

Why do people continually consider Sophie "Christian" to the best of my recollection it was a passing fancy that she had a while ago and soon deserted once she got her second girlfriend Jenna fired for unprofessional behaviour. We haven't seen her step inside a church or even mention going to church for sometime. Her and Maddie never attended church. Add Sophie to the list of hypocrites on the street.


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