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Friday 15 January 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 15 January

Friday 15th January
ROBERT PREPARES TO GIVE NICK SOME HOME TRUTHS Robert tells Tracy the only business he’s interested in is the bistro and not her flower shop. Pointing out how much extra business he’s brought in, Robert tells Nick he’d like to invest in the bistro but Nick’s not keen and Robert’s annoyed. When a rival restaurateur calls in and makes it clear he’s there to poach Robert, Nick sends him away with a flea in his ear. Zeedan lets slip that a competitor called in to offer him a job, Robert’s furious to realise Nick failed to pass on the message. In front of Carla, Robert tears into Nick promising to wipe the smile from his face. As Carla listens, her heart in her mouth, is Robert about to reveal all?
ANNA AND KEVIN DON’T SEE IT COMING Having invited Kevin round, Anna asks Tim if he and Sally will have Faye. Suspecting that Anna’s spending the evening with her new boyfriend, nosy Sally suggests they call round and pick up a DVD. In the flat, Anna and Kevin kiss passionately. As Tim heads home, he’s horrified to see Sally and Faye letting themselves into Anna’s flat.
LUKE AND ANDY TAKE THE LAW INTO THEIR OWN HANDS Andy and Luke pay Jamie a visit at the bar where he works and reveal to Jamie’s boss how he’s out on bail for posting revenge porn on the web. She sacks Jamie on the spot. Jamie’s furious whilst Luke and Andy congratulate themselves on a job well done. Meanwhile Steph’s shaken to hear that Jamie’s out on bail.
ELSEWHERE Jason’s angry to discover Kevin’s given the arches conversion job to another builder. Having bitten the bullet and phoned Aunty Jean, Roy tells Cathy that his mother has broken her hip and he needs to go to her aid. 

Friday 15th January
NICK IS FORCED TO MEET ROBERT’S DEMANDS Leanne ushers Nick and Robert into the kitchen demanding that they sort out their differences. Robert gives Nick an ultimatum, either he lets him buy into the business or he’ll leave. Nick announces that he and Robert have struck a deal and Robert will be buying 20% of the business. Tracy’s thrilled whilst Carla quietly fumes. Tracy reveals to Robert that the rival restauranteur was actually an old friend and she merely duped Nick into thinking he was about to lose his fabulous chef. Will Robert reward Tracy’s scheming with a kiss?
IT’S A CLOSE CALL FOR ANNA AND KEVIN Hearing Sally on the stairs, Anna quickly shuts Kevin in the bedroom. As Sally, Tim and Faye enter the flat, flustered Anna does her best to act normal. Convinced Anna’s hiding her new man, Sally calls out to him. Is she about to discover just who Anna is getting cosy with?
STEPH RESOLVES NOT TO LET JAMIE WIN Determined to try and forget about Jamie, Steph paints on a smile. Luke and Andy are pleased to see her so positive. But as they head for the bistro, Jamie and his mate Wes watch them from their parked car.
ELSEWHERE Fiz announces she’s returning to work. Tyrone tries to argue but bitter Fiz points out they need the money. Tyrone’s ashamed. Cathy and Tyrone see a reluctant Roy off on his journey to Hastings.

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Anonymous said...

I think Robert has been conning Tracy all along..the whole thing is a set up to get his hands on the Bistro IMO. What a very odd thing to do. He probably tossed something into Carla's drink too. The guys a creep no doubt.

Anonymous said...

He had a prestigious restaurant with his ex-wife "Prestons" before he bumped into Tracy again at Deidre's funeral - I'm sure he didn't even know the existence of the Bistro - so why all the devious planning? He does have a huge ego when it comes to his cooking, but then again which chef doesn't?

Cobblestone said...

Tracy is nothing to do with the Bistro - Leanne can barely tolerate her presence! There's no logic to this conspiracy theory. I think they've just decided, given how wounded Robert was by Tracy's betrayal over Rob, to give the character a little more 'edge'.

Newfy Pearl said...

Good point...I forgot about the ex-wife and the restaurant. There had to be history there for him to sign everything over to her. Hmmmm.....


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