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Thursday 14 January 2016

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 13 January

"We're nowhere near Preston!"

It's Jordan here with an albeit late review of last night's Corrie. At number 5, Fiz is run down with a cold so cannot be at Hope's bedside. She curls up on the sofa leaving the rest of the Dobbs-Brown-Tinker clan to visit the hospital. This sets the story up conveniently for the biggest of tonight's revelations. Just as Beth and Kirk call round to deliver some get-well goodies, an angry elf barges into the living room. That's the same angry elf who demanded money from Tyrone a fortnight ago.  He reveals all to Fiz, who was up until this point oblivious to Tyrone's debt. Guilty Tyrone is forced to reveal all to his flame-haired flame, who is shocked, snotty and dismayed. She gives him a few home truths and candidly explains that now they're going to struggle more than ever before.

"You spent ten grand on a nice Christmas day"
"Yeah. It could have been her last"
"But it might not be. And now you've given her a miserable future"

Of course, the revelation we were all waiting for last night was the naming of Tracy's Interflora-plastered  lower shop over on Sponsorship Street. In preparation for the grand opening, she teaches birthday boy Todd the tricks of the flower trade she knows so well since she worked as an assistant in a flower shop over a decade ago. Foliage must always be used as it's cheap and makes the package look bigger, much like the purpose of Liz's haircare products.

Elle Mulvaney plays a blinder yet again as Amy, who confidently orders the men hanging the sign to do the job to her standard.  She's desperate for Robert to be there so Amy takes matters into her own hands, for a small fee. After gaining entry through a defeated Steph, she marches behind the bar and into the kitchen at the Bistro and tells Robert that the canapés he has prepared for her mother's grand opening are just not satisfactory. The positive comments from the select few attendees at the grand opening tell Robert that this is not the case. Tracy insists he stays to hear the speech - in which she mentioned that Britain is officially out of the recession. It's not often Corrie mentions politics.  After a schmaltzy speech aimed at Robert, she reveals her new flower shop, officially known as 'Preston's Petals'. Tracy's theory that she will soon become Mrs Preston once again does not go down well with Mr Preston, who calmly walks away after monotonously describing Tracy as incorrigible.

"Don't worry. He'll be back"
"You reckon?"
"For sure. Fiver please"

Elsewhere, Roy's exit was hinted at as he missed yet another phone call about Sylvia's illness and Alex finally made a return to the Street, announcing that he has lost his job and has fallen out with the Loch Nessa Monster. The third of three revelations in tonight's episode occurred in the garage, when Luke revealed to Andy that Jamie has been released on bail, following his arrest for the online distribution of Steph's racy pictures. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this. I thought the 'revenge porn' storyline had drawn to a close. 

We were finally relieved of Connornation Street for one night. Only Michelle, Kate and the Cheekbone Queen appeared, with Carla asking her newly found sister to be her bridesmaid in May and Michelle accompanying them both on a stylish outing for wedding discussion and cocktails, but not before stopping to have a good old dig at poor old Tracy.

"Oh look! It's the not-so grand opening"
"Don't worry Carla, we'll be using a proper florist for your wedding."

A good episode with some comic moments. It's going to be interesting to see where the Jamie/Steph storyline is going. The name of Tracy's shop was underwhelming, but at the same time, it was such a Tracy thing to do. And I just adored the in-tandem Connor cackle as they drove off from Tracy's 'not so grand' opening.

As always, thanks for reading!

Jordan, Twitter - @JordanLloyd39

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Tvor said...

Pretty stupid that Luke would get so bent out of shape that Jamie was bailed. Why wouldn't he be? He wasn't a murderer or violent criminal. Shouldn't be such a surprise. The only surprise is that it took this long for the news to get round. He likely was released on bail hours after he was arrested.

Was it me or did it seem like Robert smirked a bit when he turned away from Tracy to leave after her speech and the sign unveiling? He almost seemed a little flattered in amidst the annoyance.

Anonymous said...

I assumed that Jamie was flat broke which is why he forced Luke to race - so if he was so broke how did he manage to come up with the bail money?

As for Robert, Nick so aptly described it as the last thing he needed was a bigger ego boost. Ergo the flattered ego.

abbyk said...

What I don't understand is why Luke didn't hightail it to Steph to warn her. And if he's not clever enough to figure it out, why didn't Andy? Nick and Leanne must know what happened. In the same way Tracy and Amy barge into the kitchen to harass Robert, it would make sense that Jaime will pop around to the Bistro at some point; they should let the part time staff know who he is and that he is never to be served.

Anonymous said...

Another great blog, Jordan. Your episode summaries are my favourite - keep 'em coming!

Lily Bigfield said...

Enjoyable episode summary, Jordan. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how beneficial this is to Interflora - if that's the standard of their florists I'll be using another provider in future!

Anonymous said...

I don't get how Tracy is advising Todd on bouquets . Since when did she qualify as a florist ? Surely she knows about as much as he does. It's also going to cost itv a lot in keeping those blooms fresh for each scene and restocking.
But I found the answer to my recent question apparently Mary lives at Devs in his 3 bedroom house haha!

Newfy Pearl said...

Anonymous....Tracy used to work as a florist. Remember Lucy - Simon's mom...she worked with her.

Newfy Pearl said...

Loved your writeup..but I replayed...Robert's incorrigible line was not spoken in a monotone...she is wearing him down baby..she is wearing him down. mwahahahaha! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tracy worked as a florist right out of school too. Tha shop was owned by the woman that had Mike Baldwin's son Mark and at the time she was dating Ken. I cannot remember her name.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous - Maggie?

Anonymous said...

Maggie Redman.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would buy anything from Tracy? I assume the Barlow's Buys customers were people down on their luck and didn't really know her. I don't understand (have only seen the previews as I am a Canadian viewer)I wouldn't think most of the local's could afford to shop at a florist. I can't see this business succeeding especially with Tracy running it. Todd can be charming so perhaps he'll handle the sales. Just have to wait and see. Won't Dev's nose be out of joint!

Anonymous said...

Not only Dev, but the Kabin too. Cards, gifts?


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