Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Pat Phelan's return - all the news revealed

Connor McIntyre, who plays sleazy Pat Phelan, is returning to Corrie next week.  In a great interview in this week's Inside Soap magazine, Connor tells us all about the return of Phelan to the Street.

We last saw Pat Phelan when he flew off to Dubai with his wife Val to make their fortune. 

"Phelan's been caught misbehaving," Connor says. "He made a lot of money in Dubai but it all turned sour when wife Val saw the light and ditched him.  Everything was in her name so Phelan is completely broke."

Down on his luck, Phelan applies for a job with Kevon on the refit of his new garage. And this brings him back into contact with Anna.  Kevin thinks the sun shines out of Phelan when he helps him with a problem at the garage, so Anna keeps her views on Phelan to herself, for now anyway.

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Anonymous said...

It's soapland of course, but I find it strange that he would come all the way back to Weatherfield from Dubai to look for a job.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time thinking of him as a sleaze after I read an article about him obtaining a masters in art history. He obviously is a great actor if he can change character so quickly. I just hope this time he doesn't cause too much trouble for Anna. That storyline was tedious the first time around.

John McE said...

Hm. It's all in his wife's name, so it leaves him broke"". Have the Corrie writers never read up on divorce laws?

Anonymous said...

John McE - if they split up in Dubai, the UK divorce laws might not apply.

Anonymous said...

Oh goody, it must be that time of the year, a killer on the loose on the cobbles.

Rapunzel said...

John McE, Wasn't Phelan bankrupt hence the reason why everything was transferred into his wife's name? If he were to claim half now, wouldn't the Receiver just whip it away (and prosecute him for making false statements)?

John McE said...

If, as I presume, they were both British citizens, then the fact that they split up while in Dubai wouldn't matter much... and anyway, at the risk of sounding Arab-phobic, I daresay Phelan would have got it all out there!

Rapunzel, your idea makes much more sense. I must admit I can't remember Phelan saying he was bankrupt.

But either way, the Phelan we first saw wasn't exactly the sort to let his wife waltz off with everything - he'd have had her bumped off!

Anonymous said...

this proves that you can't use common sense when watching Corrie. How many times have they had plot lines that just don't make sense?
I've given up trying to figure out the why or the where?

Rapunzel said...

John McE - when he was first introduced he had gone bankrupt to defeat creditors, including Owen. Owen and Gary went to his place and stole a bike. When Phelan reappeared some months later with the big job offer, Owen borrowed the money on Phelan's behalf because he couldn't due to his bankruptcy.

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