Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Who is mystery girl Marta on Coronation Street?

There's a mystery at Underworld next week in Corrie. 

The previews reveal that Aidan and Eva are invited to the O’Driscolls house and are taken aback to realise they’ve been invited to a formal dinner party. After dinner, Richie and Julia O'Driscoll lead the guests into the lounge for karaoke. Aidan’s horrified but Eva saves the day and Richie’s impressed.

As Aidan and Eva arrive home, unbeknown to them a teenage girls Marta quietly slips out of the back of the van.

Later at the factory, Eva’s about to go when she notices some movement behind a pile of boxes. She’s startled when Marta reveals herself. Having brought Marta some food, Eva quizzes her and is shocked to hear the truth about how Marta came to be at the factory.

Marta is played by actress Edyta Budnik. You can read her biography here.

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Rossie said...

Another of Johnny's daughters?

Joseph Billington said...

An immigrant who works for O'Driscoll?

MichaelAdamsUk said...

Peter Barlow been recast again??

John McE said...

Maddie II?

Anonymous said...

Leanne's long lost sister part 2.

Newfy Pearl said...

this explains why they will not let Maddie go...this is another version of Maddie. Too bad cuz I remember her funeral was so touching as you saw how she touched so many lives. Wish the writers would have left it at that...the new mural of remembrance was too contrived for me.

Zagg said...

Ugh...please not another Maddie-like story and new love interest for Sloppie Webster. As I said, I am fed up with all the Maddie adoration.Here's hoping they don't make this Maddie Part 2.

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