Sunday, 10 January 2016

First-look pics: Sally spies Kevin snogging Anna

Here are some preview pictures from the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Monday 18 January 2016.

Loved up and Kevin agree that it’s time to go public with their relationship. But before they get chance an incensed Sally rushes into the garage to enlist Kevin’s help as a council worker is threatening to remove Craig’s new mural to Maddie. 

How will Sally react when she arrives to find Kevin and Anna kissing passionately?

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Louby said...

I don't suppose this will be the first time someone in Corrie will say, "Do you know, this is actually none of my business".

Cobblestone said...

Maybe the second - the first was when Fizz returned from Wolverhampton and astonished us all by saying "Roy likes Cathy? Aah, how sweet! Good for you, Roy!" instead of throwing the expected hissy fit about Haley's memory.

Anonymous said...

are these the pics of Kev's new garage?? Looks so modern & up to date. Wow.

Louby said...

This was sarcasm btw, no one in Corrie ever minds their own!

Anonymous said...

Why do I get this strange feeling that Anna and Kevin will be finished before their relationship have had a chance to even begin and that he'll have an affair with his married ex-wife? Otherwise as others have posted what business is it of Sally's who Kevin dates?It's Faye's and Sophie's business only.

Laura said...

It's certainly not Sophie's business at all. She's a grown woman (at least numerically)....not up to her who her father dates.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that children should not dictate who their parents can become involved with, in just the same way they did not participate in the decision of who their biological parent was.

Sally is usually a very classy looking lady. In these photos I actually thought it might be Eileen at first glance. That is unfortunate.

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