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Saturday 23 January 2016

Corrie weekly update - Teflon Totty and the 40 years of lifts

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Carla’s in hospital after a break-in at the Bistro.  When the lecky goes off at the Bistro and all the staff are sent home, Robert stays on to do stuff. Carla finds out he’s there all on his own so she pops in to see him and to have a quiet word. Unbeknown to them both, Tracy’s in the kitchen hoping to surprise Robert with a bit of hows-your-father in the dark. As Carla and Robert chat at the bar, Tracy overhears everything. I mean, everything. I mean, Robert sleeping with Carla is no longer their secret, not now Tracy knows. Robert leaves and Carla stays on, getting smashed on a bottle of red wine. In the kitchen out of sight, Tracy hovers in her frillies, armed with knowledge and unsure what to do. As Carla’s drinking and Tracy’s hovering, Jamie and a pal come into the Bistro hoping to get revenge on Steph. But Steph’s not there, she’s gone home, there’s only Carla inside. They decide to nick Carla’s handbag and in the melee (I love that word) they drive off with her bag (in which she’s hidden her engagement ring). Carla’s not a woman to be parted from her handbag and her bling so she hangs on for dear life to her bag in the car as it drives off the cobbles at speed.

Out on the street, Kev and Pat Phelan see what’s going on as they come out of nowhere with chips in their hands. Chips are chucked as Phelan jumps in front of the car to try to stop it, just as Kev pulls him out of the way of the speeding car.  The thugs speed off and Carla’s taken to hospital where she’s got broken bones and internal bleeding. She has to have her spleen removed and when she’s finally up to seeing visitors, Nick and the Connor clan clutter up her hospital bedside.  Roy comes to visit too, en route to stay with his mum Sylvia in Hastings. When it’s clear Roy’s running late and could miss his train Nick tells Johnny to drive Roy to the station. Roy demurs but Carla’s firm: “Don’t worry, he owes me 40 years of lifts.”

The police investigate the bungled Bistro break-in and find Tracy’s phone that she’s left behind in the kitchen.  She denies being there, of course, but Robert knows different as he knows Tracy too well.

Gail’s granny flat proves to be too cold and she calls in builder Jason to give her a quote for underfloor heating. When David and Kylie find out what’s going on, they put a stop to Jason lifting the carpet in fear of secrets being revealed. 

Kev and Anna’s relationship is out in the open this week when they’re caught snogging in the garage by Sally. This week we also saw the return of Pat Phelan who’s one of the builders working on Kev’s new garage. He’s as sleazy as ever, divorced from his wife now and bankrupt too. He gives Anna the glad-eye and she does her best to avoid him. Phelan tells Kev that he and Anna have history but he doesn’t give him all the history, just selected highlights. So when Anna tells Kev that she’s got something to tell him about Phelan, Kev says he knows, but he doesn’t. 

Sally decides to stand as an independent councillor for Weatherfield Council, much like Deirdre once did in the past. Audrey reminds Sally that she was a Weatherfield Councillor once and that her Alfeh was “the murr”.  “You were only in it for the perks,” Sally remembers, quite rightly too. One of those perks was an affair that Audrey had with her husband Alfeh the Murr of Weatherfield’s chauffeur.  Sally asks Ken to be her campaign manager to which he agrees and she puts Sophie in charge of her social media too.

Rita gets on the interweb this week when Sophie shows her how to use her new tablet. She even joins Facebook. “What’s an app?” she asks in the Rovers. “You’ll need to know your apps from your elbow,” quips Tim. “And what’s a widget?” she asks. “You can get cream from the doctor for those,” he replies.

And finally this week, over at Roy’s Rolls he gives Cathy’s nephew Alex a job while he’s away looking after his mum.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Where exactly is Gail getting the money for an installation on in-floor heating? Anyway, it doesn't matter...more shocked looks from Kylie ahead I supposed and a ton of angst until the body is discovered. I think Kylie will confess all before she goes off on Mat leave and will get a few months in prison...

Jonathan said...

One of those perks was an affair that Audrey had with her husband Alfeh the Murr of Weatherfield’s chauffeur.

Not quite Audrey flirted with other men and enjoyed their attention but she never cheated on Alf.


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