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Wednesday 27 January 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 27 January

Wednesday 27th January
AUDREY MAKE A HEARTFELT CONFESSION TO KEN When Ken reminds Audrey of their drink later, Audrey’s embarrassed and makes out she’s too busy. At the salon Audrey’s run off her feet and snaps at David and Kylie. Finally alone, Audrey tidies round when suddenly she suffers chest pains and collapses. Finding the salon door open, Ken enters and is horrified to find Audrey slumped in a chair. As Ken phones for an ambulance, will Audrey confess her love for him?
MARY’S CAUGHT IN THE ACT Norris warns Mary that Brendan isn’t a very nice person and he’s worried for her. Mary’s dismissive, reckoning Norris is jealous. Brendan arrives at Dev’s house, where Mary has missed going with Dev to watch Asha’s cross country. Explaining that Dev’s out for the day, Mary excitedly ushers him into No.7. But as Mary and Brendan cavort on the sofa in a state of undress, Dev arrives home early. Brendan grabs his shirt whilst Mary’s mortified. When Dev suggests he’d prefer it if they used Brendan’s house in future, will Mary be forced to admit that Brendan’s married.
RITA HAS A SECRET RENDEZVOUS WITH JENNY Rita meets up with Jenny in the park. Jenny assures her that she’s got her life back on track and asks her if she can possibly forgive her but when Rita hesitates, Jenny flees upset and in her haste drops her purse. Having found Jenny’s address in the purse, Rita tracks her down to a squalid bedsit. Will Jenny admit just what a mess her life is in?
ELSEWHERE The police pay Carla a visit and tell her they’ve arrested Jamie and he’s admitted to the robbery. Steph visits Carla and apologises for Jamie’s actions. Will Carla accept her apology?

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Anonymous said...

Why would Steph need to apologize for Jamie's actions??

Anonymous said...

Didn't Ken just 'happen' to be around when Audrey was being roughed up by the two resident 'thugs'? I don't like Audrey and Ken feels wrong somehow..

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me that seniors on Corrie continue working full time when they are in their 70's and even 80's (Rita). High time both Audrey and Rita retired. Are the pensions that bad in the U.K.?

Anonymous said...

Bill Roache is 83 years old while Audrey is a 'mere' 72 :) Don't forget Betty keрt barmaiding until she was 90!!

Zagg said...

What a completely silly thing to say that Rita and Audrey should retire. Why should they? If they enjoy their work and are still popular with the viewers, which they are,it is absurd to suggest they retire. Also, the show is supposed to show a real neighborhood. So, all the pensioners are shipped out of the street because they reach a certain age? Retirement is not for everyone. Stan Lee is still writing comic books and he is 93 and till goes into the office. Being older doesn't mean you have nothing to contribute. A lot of people retire and do nothing because someone said they should. Seems stupid to me.

Laura said...

Disgusting of Mary to be cavorting in Dev's living room....why not bring her married lover up to her room? It's reprehensible.

coconno196 said...

I thought Anonymous meant that the characters should retire, not the actors, so they could still be in the programme as retired people, maybe with interesting hobbies?

Agree re Mary and Brendan on the sofa, but there would be no drama if they weren't caught out!

Anonymous said...

coconno 196, thank you that is exactly what I meant. The characters to retire not the actors! I'm quite fond of the characters.

C in Canada said...

There's nothing wrong with pensioners still working into their golden years. I think it's great that they don't portray them as old and doddering, but still full of life with plenty to do.

Tvor said...

I think that, as business owners, people tend to stay in the workforce longer overall. Even if Rita doesn't own the Kabin anymore, I suppose she still feels like it's hers and she likely wouldn't want to be shut away in the flat all day. Emily at least has a lot of volunteer work going on. Norris owns the shop, as does Audrey. Ken is retired. That's it for the pensioners, right?


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