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Tuesday 12 January 2016

First-look pics: Robbery at the Bistro on Coronation Street

These are the preview pictures released by ITV for the episode to be aired on Monday January 18th.

Dramatic scenes from next week’s Coronation Street show Carla Connor fighting for her life after a botched robbery at the Bistro.

Carla, played by Alison King, finds herself caught up in the robbery after meeting up with Robert to talk about their secret one night stand.

Both are unaware that Tracy is hiding in the kitchen and has heard every word. After Robert leaves two thugs enter the Bistro intent on robbing the place - but instead of coming to Carla’s aid Tracy leaves her to her fate.

When the robbers grab her handbag Carla gives chase but ends up being dragged along the street by their getaway vehicle.

With her nemesis’s life hanging in the balance will Tracy blow the secret about Carla and Robert’s secret fling to Nick?

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Anonymous said...

Yet another Corrie character left unconscious on the stop the Corrie ward with a tube up her nose whilst concerned family gather round..ho hummm

Anonymous said...

Never mind "yet another Corrie character" - - -how many times has Carla herself had "her life hanging in the balance"? Seriously, writers, how many times in one single lifetime can the same character cheat death? SB should be looking for a job in Tescos.

Anonymous said...

Add to the monotony the "secret fling" moments before marriage. She'll cheat with a man prior to his wedding, she's been cheated on in relation to her own wedding, and now she's cheating on her own groom!

Kristine said...

The Corrie plot mill grinding away at it's finest. Again. And again. I love Corrie and have been watching since the 70's, but honestly, lately the lack of writing talent is downright embarassing. It's like they have the same 5 or 6 plot devices written down on cards and just throw them into the air at their weekly meetings and reuse the ones that land face up. Or down. The secret father, mother, sister or whatever plot line, the cheating on your one true love with some random one night stand, the my sister slept with my husband storyline (sometimes alternately called the my brother slept with my wife storyline) and that old standby, Tracy Barlow saves her own skin thereby leaing Carla (or anyone else) to die. Honestly, those of us who regularly read this blog could get together in a room as total strangers with no script writing experience and come up with better. Please, fix Corrie!

Anonymous said...

No wonder she's leaving; she probably wants a stunt double. Leave the poor woman alone already!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I'll be glad when she does leave, her storylines have been boring and predictable for quite some time.

Since Alison King has confirmed she won't be back, just kill the character off and soon please.

Rapunzel said...

"How many times has Carla's life been hanging in the balance" ... Just over the past year alone?? Van crash. Flat fire. Bistro robbery.
Enough already!!

Anonymous said...

Boring boring boring. The secret shag, the over-heard discussion by the arch-enemy, the bedside vigils - and all forgotten in 6 months (clearly the memory span of the writers in regurgitating plot devices). They have jumped the shark with Carla, no wonder wants to leave - she's a credible actress who can see the credibility of the character vanishing down the plughole.

Louby said...

I agree with all the above! Also, it has always been completely unrealistic how the Corrie characters get over their various traumas so quickly. Carla has certainly had more than her fair share of disasters but always carries on as before. Apart from the gambling addiction which miraculously cured itself when she found out that she wasn't to blame for the fire and the deaths.

Humpty Dumpty said...

To be fair to the writers, and giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe Carla wouldn't have such a dramatic storyline if she wasn't leaving. She might even have lived happily ever after with Nick; at least, for a while. But the fact remains, it's the beginning of another wretched exit story. Tracy overhears in the kitchen? At least it makes a change from Tracy appearing from a cubicle in the ladies at the Rovers, and gurning at the camera. It would be much better if Carla was killed off sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

agree 100% with all of the above - all we can hope is that the new producer does some clearing out of the storyline plot writers and give us some decent episodes to watch. I don't blame Ali King for leaving - she has done some amazing work with the material she has been given, but I'm sure even she is fed up with the same old, same old. Throw up in the air and stab with finger (that was a great line!!) Unfortunately I fear that Carla will be killed off with no hope for return, as in Tina's exit even though they originally told her they wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of Carla and all her drama. Glad she is leaving.


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