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Monday 25 January 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 25 January

Monday 25th January
GARY GETS AN UNWELCOME SURPRISE Anna confides in Izzy how Phelan gave Kevin his version of events painting himself as the victim, in the sure knowledge that she wouldn’t admit to Kevin about the sex. In an attempt to twist the knife, Phelan tells Kevin how after the project with Owen turned sour, Gary knocked him unconscious. Kevin’s horrified. Kevin confronts Anna wanting to know why Gary attacked Phelan and left him for dead, but Anna remains tight lipped. Gary arrives home and is stunned to see Phelan working on the Arches. Gary sees red and makes a grab for him. As Phelan feigns terror, Kevin rushes to his aid. Will a horrified Anna be forced to admit the truth about what Phelan did to her?
FINGERS OF SUSPICION POINT AT TRACY Todd wonders why Tracy is keeping her knowledge of Robert and Carla under wraps. Tracy explains she’s saving that bombshell for the right time and place. Meanwhile the police question Carla about the robbery. Carla remembers that one of the robbers mentioned Steph’s name. The police call in the bistro looking for Steph.
RITA RECEIVES AN UNEXPECTED MESSAGE As Rita looks at her tablet, she’s unnerved to read a message from someone.
ELSEWHERE Sally attempts to drum up support for her council campaign. Whilst cutting Ken’s hair, Audrey encourages him to set himself some goals and follow his heart’s desire. Ken takes her words on board. Norris is unimpressed when Mary arrives for their drink with Brendan in tow.

Monday 25th January
KEVIN FALLS FOR PHELAN ‘S CLEVER ACT Anna reigns Gary in whilst Kevin orders Jason to take Phelan to the pub out of harm’s way. Still wound up, Gary tells Kevin that Phelan is a monster and he’s obviously only heard half the story. Knowing that Ron is ripping him off, Jason and Phelan suggest to Kevin they take over the contract. Kevin agrees. Calling at the flat Kevin tells Anna that Ron was ripping him off so he’s given the contract to Jason and Phelan instead. Anna tries to hide her dismay. Kevin assures her that in a few weeks the building work will be finished and Phelan will be history. Anna fights back tears.
LUKE AND ANDY FEEL STEPH’S WRATH Steph tells the police the only person she can think of with a grudge to bear is Jamie. When Steph finds out how Luke and Andy badmouthed Jamie to his boss and lost him his job, she’s furious and points out their stupidity might have put Carla in hospital.
BRENDAN COMES BETWEEN MARY AND NORRIS Mary tries to enjoy her drink but the atmosphere is strained with Norris and Brendan sniping at each other. Telling Norris to stay out of his way, Brendan heads out of the pub with Mary following closely behind.
ELSEWHERE Rita reveals to Sophie that Jenny has been in touch via facebook and she’s worried about her. Sophie warns her that Jenny is bad news and she should steer clear. When Ken offers to buy Audrey a drink, she becomes flustered and makes out she’s too busy. Ken suggests tomorrow instead.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Audrey, just go for the flaming drink - you've done so enough times in the past and didn't miraculously end up in bed or married to Ken. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I can't drum up any sympathy for Anna or Gary. Do your worst Phelan!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Anon - I never liked the Phelan, Owen, Anna, Gary storyline the first time around - now I'm dreading Part II twice as much. Same for the Jenny storyline - it would have been much better if Jenny had gone to counseling and was prepared to start a new life without the guilt of loosing her child. Now it will just be rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat and according to the preview pics on ITV's website she will get a job cleaning at the factory. Does everybody work at the factory???

AlbertT said...

This stuff with Phealen's boring me already. Don't see the point of dragging up a storyline again that was done to death 2 years ago. Don't believe either that someone as arrogant as him would bother with Anna and Gary again, he got what he wanted and they're far too insignificant to him for him to torment again.
If they wanted to bring him back to finish the storyline off the time to do that was 18 months ago, not now when everyone's moved on.
Yet another huge lack of creativity on behalf of the producer and writers.
Though I will say in fairness the actor that plays him is very good at doing so.

Newfy Pearl said...

Poor Anna. Having to deal with Phelan and Jason. We all love Jason but from Anna's perspective..ugh... So much for the Kevanna romance. I feel it is soured already. Thanks a lot corrie writers - I was really looking forward to this storyline and now it is ruined.

Zagg said...

Of course Gary's first reaction is....punch his face in. That's what got the family in trouble to begin with. His character has not grown and he continues to be the clueless caveman.

Anonymous said...

Stupid and unlikely storyline.

Also, it should be "Anna reins Kevin in", not "reigns", which is what the Queen does.­čśŐ

Newfy Pearl said...

Zagg...Phelan treated Anna like a prostitute. I think it is a normal reaction for Gary. I bet Jason would be the same way if it were Eileen.

And to Anonymous at 19:57 .... the correction was a display of arrogance on your part.

Newfy Pearl said...

Also Zagg I would like to point out that it was 'caveman' Gary who put his arms around his mother and comforted her when Owen made her feel like dirt when Phelan dirty deed was discovered.
LOL I just noticed my picture while I was typing this....there I am with Gary! So you see I have to defend him. hahahaha

Glenda Young said...

Anon, re the 'rein' comment - ITV write these press releases, not us. We'll take responsibility for our own errors but we will never take the blame for others. :-)

Louby said...

So, as we know that Jason is leaving, will Phelan be taking over the builder's yard somehow. If he's around for a while, no doubt he will undergo the personality transformation that a lot of characters have and be a lovely bloke in a few months!

Did anyone else think that Nick looked like the Milk Tray man when he arrived in Carla's room at the beginning of the episode?

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl,I agree with Zagg's comments about 'caveman'Gary as Anna did sleep with Phelan to keep Gary out of jail who obviously didn't learn his lesson as he also robbed Roy.
I was also like to add that Gary showed no remorse or shame that Owen and his mother lost everything because of his assault only Alya.He even had the gall to help himself to the food his mother got from the food bank for her Owen and Faye because they were broke.
As for Jason,it takes two to tango and Alya was no innocent.

Zagg said...

Yes, I agree. A few hugs for his mother does not negate ALL the really crappy things Gary has done on the street. Robbing Roy was the tipper for me, especially the aftermath from Anna. Then to see him act holier than thou with Alya, ruining her life and screaming about it on the cobbles and keeping part of the gym. Unforgivable in my book. He is not a nice person and severely lacks integrity. So, bring it on Phelan! lol


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