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Sunday 17 January 2016

Corrie weekly awards for Jan. 11 - 15

Nice Guys Finish Last award: Nick. But if he continues to go for high maintenance women, it's bound to happen. And uttering too many Phrases of Doom by the canal are just adding the icing onto the inevitable, just to mix up the metaphor. The words "time", "ticking" and "bomb" come to mind.

Location win: Wasn't that shot of the canal with the boat at night pretty?

Patronizing award: Queen Sally, of course! To Anna about getting a date "at her age"

Irresponsibility Street: Tyrone really did do the wrong thing overspending all for the sake of one day.

Mixed emotions: Robert might have been annoyed at the name of the florist but he didn't go off the deep end and I think he even seemed to be a bit flattered when he turned and walked away.

Friendship award: Kevin has a good friend in Tim and Tyrone has a good friend in Kevin.

Tipping your hand award: Why on earth would Robert tell Tracy, his EX, of all people that he wants to buy into Nick's? Because he's still hung up on her, that's why, but is still keeping her at arm's length. Leading to...

Battle of the Egos: Ultimately, any restaurant's success is down to how good the food is. Robert wins with a job offer from another place, use me or lose me, mate! Nick has a new partner by the end of the week. Leading to...

Played a blinder award: Except the restaurant competitor was a set up by Tracy and by heck, it worked! I didn't see that coming. I should have, but I didn't.

Lines of the week:
Nick about Robert "The last thing that man needs is a huge ego boost"
Michelle "I love Steve and I wanted to spend the rest of me life with the great lummox"
Sally to Anna "If you found someone, you hold on to him" (I bet you won't be saying that when you find out who it is!)
Tracy to Carla "You could save yourself a few bob by wearing your last wedding dress. It's still in fashion!"
Billy "I didn't lie, I merely misdirected you towards the cream horn!"
Tracy "I don't care about people!" Ken "I always wondered why you went into retail"
Fiz "It's space that got us in this mess, the space between Ty's earholes"
Sally "Admin? She works for a cafe, not Microsoft"
Leanne "Good night, boss" Nick "There's only one boss around here" Leanne "Yeah, and you're looking at her"

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Anonymous said...

Think before she talks award. Granted Tyrone was financially inrresponibile but I keep wondering if Fiz didn't accuse him of not being upset enough that Hope was ill and that he would've been more upset if it was Ruby,then maybe Tyrone wouldn't have gone deep in debt to prove Fiz wrong?
I would also like too add that Fiz didn't seem too concerned about the expense on Christmas Day only that Hope got her 'Lapland'.

Tvor said...

Fiz kept asking Tyrone if they could afford it all and he continued to lie and said they could, and a lot of friends and favours were being called in.

Anonymous said...

Tvor,I think seeing how worried Fiz was worried about Hope,he didn't have the heart to tell her the truth hence the SOS call to family and friends.I doubt Tyrone would have been in such debt if Fiz didn't make that thoughtless remark about him not being upset enough to her liking about Hope's illness.

Laura said...

Re: the Tyrone has a good friend in Kevin comment. Seriously? Kevin slept with Tyrone's wife and fathered a child with her, a child Tyrone was heartbroken to learn wasn't his. And that's not all that long ago. I don't think it's realistic to have them as close friends at all, just convenient for script writing.

coconno196 said...

Sally ' s "at your age" comments to Anna are not only rude, but inappropriate. Surely Anna is younger than Sally, or around the same age? I don't know why Kevin and Anna wanted to keep their relationship secret anyway, as they are both single, and Sally can hardly object, as she's been shacked up with Tim for ages.

C in Canada said...

Sally isn't jut 'shacked up' with Tim, they're outright married, so she's got nothing to say about whom Kevin sees.

Good point about Fiz's thoughtless comment. She won't realize she's as much to blame though.

Anonymous said...

according to corrieрedia - Sally and Anna were both born in 1967 with Anna being less than 2 months older than Sally M. However, the actresses are different ages: Debbie (1966) and Sally D (1963) - so who's got the right to be snooty? :)

Newfy Pearl said...

Fizz should count herself lucky...the last husband that kept lying to her was killing people! lol


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