Friday, 22 January 2016

Georgia May Foote confirms she's dating Giovanni Pernice

Georgia May Foote, who played Katy Armstrong on Coronation Street, was one of the contestants in last year's Strictly Come Dancing. She did very well on the show, getting through to the final with professional dancer Giovanni Pernice. 

In the audience at her Strictly shows was her boyfriend, Corrie actor Sean Ward who played Callum Logan, currently residing under the floor in Gail's granny flat.  Well, it now appears that Georgia has left Sean and is dating Giovanni instead.

The Express confirms their relationship after Georgia and Giovanni posted pictures on instagram. There's also an interview in The Mirror in which Georgia says she's moving to London to live with Giovanni too. 

And what of Sean Ward?  He's gone to America.

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John McE said...

Silly girl! Sean Ward was in the audience every week to support her, yet she's become yet another celebrity dancer to fall for her dancing partner.

Better watch out next year love, 'cos if he gets a good looking partner, chances are you'll know how it feels to be dumped.

Anonymous said...

I really don't blame her - I wouldn't want to go out with slack-jawed Ward either.

Abercrombie said...

Just because Sean Ward was in the audience 'supporting' her, it does not mean it came from the best of motives. Perhaps he was jealous and wanted to make his presence felt. The photos I have seen have shown the body language to be possessive and suffocating - arms wrapped around Georgia so tight it must have felt like ownership. What I will say is, any attractive girl would take a chance on closeness with Giovanni :). So men don't dump girls then?? Brendan Cole?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I never thought much of the character Katy and, by association, didn't reckon much to Georgia May Foote. She was an absolute revelation on Strictly and the judges said that she had matured from a shy little girl to a young talented woman. Georgia's moved on in more ways than one. Good luck to her! She deserves to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow folks, do you actually even know any of the people involved? Let's all take a deep breath.

abbyk said...

As for sending Sean Ward stateside, you shouldn't have. Really. You shouldn't have.

Shells said...

She certainly has a consistent type in her choices of men, lol!

Whatever, she's young, she switched boyfriends. That's normal. Sean will get over it.

George Dunning said...

Why is this even news and would this be tolerated if he dumped her?

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