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Saturday 16 January 2016

Coronation Street weekly update – January 16 2016

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The Bistro gets a good review in the paper and Leanne’s kept busy with new bookings coming in. The review raves about Robert as Bistro chef and the success goes to his head. He demands to be a partner in the Bistro with Nick, who won’t hear of such things until the next episode rolls round and he agrees to Robert taking a 20% share.
Tracy opens her florist shop this week and unveils the sign she’s been keeping under wraps. In an attempt to win back Robert, she calls the shop Preston’s Petals. It does little to impress Robert, or anyone else, and Todd still has a lot to learn about padding bouquets out with foliage. However, Tracy finally gets her man at the end of the week as they snog by the frontage.

An angry elf calls round to Tyrone and Fiz’s house this week when Tyrone is at th’ospickle with little Hope. The elf - “I’m not an elf, I’m a trained actor” - gives Fiz the low-down on Tyrone’s debts and she has it out with him when he returns. Tyrone admits he’s over £10,000 in debt and Fiz chucks him in the dog-house for the rest of the week.

Carla tells Nick she can’t marry him this week, not after she’s feeling all guilty after her festive fling with Robert. Then there’s a change of plan, a change of heart and the wedding’s back on. Nick can’t understand why she then appears reluctant to choose the wedding menu at the Bistro with Robert. Oh, it’s all gone on there this week - and it can only get worse. Which leads us onto …

… Luke and Andy find out that Jamie is working in a bar in town. They call in to see him and let the bar manager know that Jamie’s out on bail for his revenge porn stunt against Steph and the bar manager sacks him and chucks him and another barman out.  Later that night we see Jamie and his fellow bar-mate cruising the cobbles in a clapped out van looking at the Bistro with revenge on their mind.

Anna and Kev go on a date and Tim spies them snogging in the back of a cab. He keeps it quiet from Sally after Kevin has a word with him over a pint.  Anna then asks Kev back to hers and asks Sally and Tim to babysit Faye. Anna lies to Tim and says she’s having a quiet night in doing ‘admin’. Faye decides she wants to pick up a DVD from the flat and Sally says she’ll pop to Anna’s with her. In a funny scene at Anna’s flat, she pushes Kev into the bedroom away from Faye and Sally’s prying eyes. Sally’s surprised to see Anna all glammed up in a frock and make-up and knows she’s got a fella in the flat, but she doesn’t know who, not yet. When Kev kisses Anna on the soft furnishings as she witters on she asks him: “Are you going to do that every time I talk rubbish?”  “It’s always worked for me in the past,” he replies to which Anna says: “You and Sally must have had a very passionate marriage!”

And finally this week, Roy gets a call from his Aunty Jean who gives him bad news. His mum Sylvia has fallen after doing a Monterey turn in line dancing, taking out a row of pensioners with her. Aunty Jean can’t look after Sylvia as she’s off to Australia to see family and so Roy reluctantly packs up and leaves the café behind him to go and look after his mum.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Faye need a babysitter at her age? Ridiculous! When I was her age I babysat my 4 younger siblings.

BBFish said...

Faye is 14, and has had a baby. She doesn't need a babysitter.
Besides which, fathers don't babysit their own children. It's called "parenting".

Anonymous said...

Anna did want Faye out of the flat though, so seems reasonable to find her somewhere to go. But no, she doesn't need babysitting.

Isn't the shop called Preston's Petals?

Beth said...

Did anyone else notice Carla's flash new car? Wasn't it just a few months ago she was in such terrible debt with all the gambling. Guess I'm in the wrong job, seems there's a lot of money in knickers!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that is Nick's fancy car.

- Pod


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