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Sunday 24 January 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Jan. 18 - 22

The Shining award: He's Baaaa-aack!

Cat's out of the bag award: Sally caught Anna and Kevin snogging. Tracy overheard Carla and Robert talk about their one night stand.

Bully Boy award: Jamie planned to go after Steph because going after Andy and Luke who are the real ones that he should be angry with isn't as easy as scaring a woman. It should also be noted, but not awarded, that though they see the chef leave and haven't seen any customers come in or out, they don't see a problem. They also assume the till will have money in it though the restaurant is dark and empty of customers and clearly closed. Not the brightest bulbs, are they?

Creep Factor award: Phelan's presence on the Street is doing Anna's head in. I can't blame her.

Pants on Fire award: Robert, covering the fact that he and Carla had a very long conversation in the Bistro before the accident. Tracy knows he's lying, too.

Twilight Zone award: In what universe would Ken misquote Oscar Wilde as a quote from Chairman Mao and be corrected by Sean Tully? I believe that Sean would know the quote, most of us do. I don't believe that Ken didn't know who said it. ("We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars")

Lather, rinse, repeat award: Tracy's blaming Carla for the fling with Robert. It takes two, you know.

Hypocrite award: Phelan upset that the boss builder was ripping Kevin off when he did very similar things on prior projects he ran.

Deja Vu award: Carla alone with a bottle of wine and lit candles. That's a recipe for potential disaster or at least a hefty flashback.

Lines of the week:
Sally about Anna "She had a fella round there and it wasn't Kevin Spacey" (Half right)
Gail "We like a dystopian future, don't we, mam?"
Sally to Tim "My ex husband and the adopted mother of your child getting jiggy and you think it's none of your business?" (It isn't!)
Gail "It's my annex!" David "it's our house!" (well, he does have a point)
Sally "They're not going to listen, councillors are always the same." Audrey "Scuse me, Sally, I was a councilor" Sally "Yeah but you weren't very good at it. You were only in it for the perks"
Rita "What's an app?" Tim "If you don't know your apps from your elbow, you're gonna be in trouble" Rita "And what's a widget?" Tim "You can get cream for them so I wouldn't worry about that too much"
Rita quoting Norris about the tablet "If I got one of these, it would be like giving a mobile phone to a cocker spaniel"
Sally about Tracy "They could do an hour long Crimewatch special on what she's got up to in the past"
Tracy about Carla "She's indestructable. She's Teflon Tottie, it's part of her allure" (it certainly seems to be)
Tim to Ken "I had you down as a Tory. Must have been the sweaters"

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Anonymous said...

Why feel bad for Anna? Remember the dirt she and Eddie W. did to Joe McIntyre? That's all swept under the rug and we have more gulping Anna to look forward to...ugh

Roni said...

I agree Anon 15:16, I can't stand Anna and she brought everything on herself so why the scared and disgusted attitude? I don't feel sorry for her at all. I'm actually glad Phelan's back, at least he can act.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember if The Shining had the 'baaaaaaaaaaack' utterance (I remember "Here's Johnny!"), but I know the movie Poltregeist had "They're baaaaaaaaaack"...

Tvor said...

Ah it was the Poltergeist, you're right.

Anonymous said...

Although I also don't feel sorry for Anna with regards to Phelan, at the same time considering his own past I am not looking forward to Kevin being holier than thou when it hits the fan.I am also not looking forward to Gary finding out either as he's the reason Anna slept with Phelan.

Ancient corrier said...

Is Ken's Oscar Wild's misquote the start of a dementia story?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about Ken's misquote. A future dementia, Alzheimer's or complicated grief story line.

Anonymous said...

In the same way that Ken would be highly unlikely to mix up Wilde and Mao, I don't think that Gail would use the word "dystopian".

Anonymous said...

David said the dystoрian line

coconno196 said...

Neither David nor Gail would have a clue what dystopian means!

I doubt they'd give Ken dementia, as they already covered that with Mike Baldwin.

Louby said...

David did get an A* for his GCSE English!


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