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Monday 11 January 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 11 Jan 2016

Tracy’s florist’s is to open tomorrow, but only Tracy knows its name. Barlow’s Blooms does have a nice ring though. The friendship and working relationship between Tracy and Todd convinces satisfactorily. Maybe it is a case of ‘takes one to know one’ or perhaps they intrigue each other, seeing strong similarities in each other.  Todd’s wages can’t be much at all, but nevertheless, he sticks with it. And what’s more, Tracy keeps him on.

Tracy thinks it might be a good idea to get Robert to do the catering but Todd warns of ‘arsenic vol au vents’. In the Bistro Robert will barely look at Tracy, never mind help her opening day.

Anna and Kevin are getting together at last. Both scrubbed up well and enjoyed each other’s company and a snog, witnessed by Tim, in the back of the taxi. Before Anna headed off she took Faye over to Tim and Sally’s for a delightful broccoli bake, inspired by Jamie Oliver, even though Sally thinks he is a bit common. Lucky Faye receives a second helping! Sally’s words to Anna are very patronising, a tone not lost on Anna. ‘Got a date?’ asks Sally. ‘Really? It can be difficult at your age.’

While on the subject of dating, Rita, on discovering that Nessa has gone, tells Audrey that now is her chance. Audrey says she will give it some time, which is probably wise.  

Sally asks Tim for a pound, but I’m not sure why. Anyone? I had to include this because of Tim’s brilliant line. ‘What do you think I am? The back of the sofa?’

It is an extremely stressful time for Tyrone and Fiz as the parents of Hope, going through her operation. The doctor brings good news but not before Tyrone’s stress has reached such a pitch that he has a battle with a vending machine and a hospital porter, the one who took Hope to theatre. Roy as ever is understanding and wise. He so kindly points out to Tyrone how neither he nor Fiz had decent parents and yet they couldn’t be better parents to Ruby and Hope. Woody goes into action too to take the family to the hospital when Tyrone’s car won’t start.

Roy receives a call from his aunt, taken by Cathy. It is about his mother. Roy though almost ignores what Cathy says, despite her reminders. He doesn’t ring his aunt.

Mary is in high spirits. She is cleaning Dev’s door as it has never been cleaned before. She suggests that a bit of varnish might give it some ‘pzazz’. Her cleaning is accompanied by a contralto version of Tom Jones’ ‘You Can Keep Your Hat On’ as featured in The Full Monty.  Next, she is cleaning inside Dev’s house, this time singing, ‘I Could Have Danced all Night,’ but this joyful abandon irritates Dev and he asks if she has changed her name to Mary Poppins, as she is behaving in a Poppins way.

And then the sock is discovered on the landing by Asha, who assumes it belongs to her dad. Mary claims it as her own rambling on about buying a multi pack of socks with TV characters on them from Freshco. Dev know that it is Brendan’s sock and he tells Mary that it is fine for her to have Brendan stay. Mary is clearly mortified and scuttles off.

Later in the shop he is discussing the finding of the sock with Erica, but despite Erica’s best efforts to warn him that Mary is there and listening, he carries on. Noticing her, at last, Dev tries to explain himself, then Erica tries, but both receive short shrift. Mary speaks and says what she thinks Dev was trying to say. ‘He was expressing dismay that a hitherto trusted employee has taken liberties under his roof. I’d like to reassure both of you that there will be no more socks making an appearance on the landing or anywhere else. I’m living under your roof and it’s unforgiveable to flout your trust as a role model for your precious children.’ Quite a speech! Dev tries to reassure her that it’s all fine but once again she disappears.

Carla decides that she cannot go ahead with the wedding. She feels claustrophobic and needs space. She tells Nick it’s her and that it’s not him, at which Nick is irritated and asks her to spare him. They talk it through, Carla talks to Michelle and by the end of tonight’s episode Carla is in the Bistro looking through the diary and making a date for the wedding towards the end of May.

I had thought that Nick was not strong enough for Carla but he has showed her the strength of his love and she realised that she could not let that go. He tells her that he once read in a business book that ‘Nothing is more intoxicating than certainty.’ He tells her that he is certain they should be together and while there is breath in his body, he will love her.’ Not bad Nick, not bad at all! There is though the increasingly menacing presence of Robert in whose presence Carla is clearly uncomfortable. To add to his confidence, Robert has had a brilliant review in the Manchester Evening News. As Nick says, ‘The last thing that man needs is a huge ego boost.’  

The antagonism from Aidan towards his father becomes irritating and a bit childish, displaying his hostility in the work place. Poor Kirk doesn’t know what to do with the box as Johnny says one thing and Aidan says another. Thankfully Carla steps in to sort out her newly acquired relatives. In the pub, Johnny says he will not stop fighting for Aidan.
Ruth Owen

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Louby said...

I think the florist will be called Deirdre's ....... Something!

Louby said...

I loved that when Tim spotted Anna and Kev he was eating chips, what would Sally say?!

John McE said...

Deirdre's Daffs?

Zeedan has been working in the Bistro as a helper for just a few weeks, yet suddenly he is the "go-to" chef for Tracie's shop opening?

Abercrombie said...

Tracy & Robert's Roses! :)

Anonymous said...

All I can picture is that scene in the Adams Family with Tracy as Morticia cutting away the roses and placing the thorny stems into a vase of water. How about calling the shop Tracy's Thorn in the Backside?

Abercrombie said...

Ha! Well said Anonymous 21.37

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous 21:37 - I pretty much burst a gut laughing at that one - HILARIOUS. Although, you have to admit Tracy is way more than just one thorn in the backside. How about a whole bunch of thorns in the backside.


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