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Thursday 31 December 2015

My Corrie wish for 2016

My wish is quite straight forward really. Oh Corrie Powers That Be, can we please not have another Plattination Street in 2016? Honestly, it feels like we're never out of David and Kylie's front room these days.

2015 has been the year of the Platt family. Or should I say, yet another year of the Platt family. The Callum saga has dragged on and on and on and now has so many different off shoots it shows no signs of slowing down. The man has been dead and buried since September but it still feels like he is stalking the streets of Weatherfield. I really didn't like the character of Callum and yes I know we weren't supposed to, but I just found him completely over the top and overrated. 

Corrie has a history of dragging certain stories out for unbelievable lengths of time (Callum; anything Carla or Tracy related) while others (Emily's imminent departure) begin and end over the course of a few episodes. I understand that David and Kylie are popular, well acted characters and that Corrie bosses are desperate to attract and hold onto the younger viewer (despite the fact younger people are watching telly less and less, but that's a whole other blog). I just wish the whole Platt clan could be rested for a few months.

I think David and Kylie are cracking characters, don't get me wrong. Jack P Shepherd has worked wonders since he starting playing David 15 years ago and Paula Lane is an absolute star. Tina O'Brien put in a terrific performance in the live episode in September but I still don't care for the character of Sarah. And while it has taken me a considerable amount of time, I'm actually beginning to warm to Bethany. I continue to have a soft spot for Nick (yes, I know) and Gail and Audrey are Corrie legends but please, let's shift the focus.

There are plenty of other Corrie characters that deserve and indeed are crying out for more screen time. The Nazir family have come on leaps and bounds in 2015 and I enjoy each and every one of them now. Although the Alya storyline was a bit tedious, it showed them as a wonderful family unit. I'd like to see more of them. Steph and Andy make a great couple but their recent revenge porn storyline really didn't do them justice. Luke is also promising but the writers haven't given him a sufficient chance to show this yet. Another character who barely gets a look in is Erica who sparkles whenever she appears and forms a great double act with Liz. We also need more of the Tinkers - Craig in particular is brilliant.

I'm not saying we should phase the Platt family out entirely, let's just have them as background characters for a few months. I'm looking forward to seeing Audrey's relationship with Ken develop and while we're at it, Gail really does need a little storyline all of her own. For the time being though, there seems to be no getting away from the dreaded Callum. At least the horrid Gemma hasn't been sniffing around for a while, although I'm sure she'll be back!

So do you agree that it's time to stick the Platt family in the Corrie cupboard for a while?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Who could possibly disagree that the Platts have had far too much screen time? It might have happened accidentally in that when Paula Lane went off on maternity leave, tptb thought they had struck gold with Callum and had to quickly dream up a story line for him. It should all have ended when Kylie returned. It didn't, and now the writers are stumped for a way out. I'd be surprised if Gemma showed up again. Of course, in Soapland, she could reform and become Lord Mayor of Weatherfield. (Writers, that was a joke. Honestly.) If the character runs true to form, though, she will have ingratiated herself into another gang and has already forgotten Callum.

Craig got good grades in his exams and should be furthering his studies. Please let at least one youngster get an academic qualification and find a job suited to their talents. Gail needs a real storyline that doesn't involve her family or her love life. She has been written as such a feeble character lately that it might interesting to discover that she has a thyroid disorder. A storyline about that could open up a big debate on the health of older women. I can even see Helen Worth on Loose Women discussing it. But, apart from Gail and Audrey having more individual stories, yes, definitely agree. Into the cupboard!

Happy New Year to one and all!

Anonymous said...

I would realllllly like Gail to make an appt at the salon and get a haircut. Her head always looks 4 times bigger than it should be. Thanks Gail!

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%

Corrie2010 said...

More drama with Leanne! And more wholesome stories involving Erica, Liz, Eva and Maria. Put Maria and Eva to the forefront!

Louby said...

Oh yes! I would love to see Gail get a meaning to her life that's not man related. To fade the Platts to the background for a year or more would be good, apart from Audrey, who is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

This may sound extreme but I think the only way other characters can get a fair chance at storylines if the Platts are axed completly from the Street.They have been featured to the point of overkill in sensational storylines while other characters get the axe.Sometimes their storylines are even recycled such as Carla's one night stand with Robert which is a recycling of Nick's and Kylie's one night stand.Audrey can remain but perhaps the rest of the family can have new lives in Canada or Italy.

Anonymous said...

I agree 90%, however Maria has been gone for a long time and in my mind can stay gone. Defo with the Platts being overused - lately I tend to do other things when they are on screen and really don't pay much attention - it's always the same old sniping and griping - really tedious and not worth watching. Send Sarah & Bethany back where they came from, and unfortunately it will probably get worse when Carla takes her exit - I'm sure all the Platts/Tilseys will rally around Nick and be dreadful to watch. Use the Nazir family more, except for Alya. Erica is better suited being a great friend to Liz and better off in the pub instead of at Dev's. Anna & Kevin, maybe except that Phelan is about to blow that sky-high. Love the Tinkers and even the Connors except that will probably self implode. Not much to look forward to in 2016 is there??? - just waiting for the new producer

Tvor said...

As much as I enjoyed most of the Platt storyline, I do agree, it's time for a rest. Unfortunately I think we're in for a few more months at least while Sarah's pregnant. I'd love to see Gemma back though.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE give the Platts a rest (and while we're at it, can they finally put that ironing board away?).

Canuktuk said...

I too have a soft spot for Nick but I think it's because he physically reminds me of someone I know who is lovely.

The entire direction of this show has gone off the rails with the obsessive and repetitive story lines that only focus on a limit number of the cast. This show is supposed to be about the community associated with Weatherfield, not just a few scandalous figures. Truly, let's hope 2016 brings Corrie back to it's roots and away from all the sensational boredom.


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