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Friday 29 January 2016

Win Coronation Street set visit with Interflora

To celebrate the opening of a very special Interflora florist shop, Preston's Petals, on Coronation Street, Interflora are offering one lucky person the chance to win a private Coronation Street set tour for two at ITV studios in Manchester.

Now that the Coronation Street: The Tour attraction has closed, this really is a money can't buy prize, and includes overnight accommodation in a central Manchester hotel as well as £250 of intu Trafford Centre vouchers.

To enter, all you have to do is answer one quite easy question at the Interflora website. You need to be 18+ to enter.

Enter here

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Newfy Pearl said...

The flower shop looks so pretty. Well done Corrie.

maggie muggins said...

Agreed, Newly Pearl. The contrast with Barlows' Buys is like night and day. Almost shocking. And Tracy will always look very pretty with colourful flowers behind her whenever she's at work. Won't change the baddie that she is inside at all though. :)

maggie muggins said...

Sorry, that should have been Newfy Pearl.

Anonymous said...

It's funny I can always tell the Canadians & americans that post comments because we are always the first to comment after watching the eps on certain "not-to-be-named websites" - maybe, just maybe, one of these days ITV will recognize the fact that we are indeed hardcore fans and just love our Corrie, and we are not out to usurp their copyrights, we just want to see what everybody in the UK sees, no harm, no foul.
The Corrie set people really did an outstanding job on the new flower shop, and since Intraflora or FTD as we call it, is really international why not just let everybody see???

fairycake said...

Totally agree with Anonymous 23:29 about fans watching the programme! I absolutely do not understand why programmes such as our beloved Corrie do not embrace the fact that people WORLDWIDE love it and wish to watch. When it all comes down to 'copyright' (read: MONEY) I reckon it appears quite selfish, and makes it seem that the programme is not made with the fans in mind...only the so called 'bottom line'.
One would think that fans would be encouraged to watch and be embraced, rather than 'denied access'...IMO
Cheers! X

Anonymous said...

And Tracy got all this dosh to re-do the pawn shop from ... where?

MartesBC said...

The Inter flora sponsorship ferry. What a deal! Major product placement. maybe this is a harbinger of things to come ... With more in show adverts, international clients as well as 'real time " international viewers your wish will come true... But poor cbc they already lost thetNHL!

abbyk said...

Back up the bus. There's no NHL on the CBC??? Bud Cherry and Hockey Night in Canada are right up there with Mounties and maple leaves as major symbols from up north. You don't need the interwebs for that.

Delaying broadcasts by weeks (or months, Downton Abbey!) are as out of step today as a 4:3 ratio. Yes, ITV needs the international licensing fees to support production. Im sure theyd do better if they had next day or same day availability. Then the losers would be the foreign licensees who chose to delay.

Anonymous said...

Abbyk - not to nitpick but his name is actually Don Cherry, the flamboyant dresser - I've grown up watching him and still wonder where the heck he gets his tailor and all those fabrics. I think CBC lost most of the rights to the NHL to other broadcasters (Rogers I think) which is only fair - they simply can't keep up with international sports channels with very deep pockets.
So back to Corrie: I can watch Corrie on Hulu, which is great, although usually about 2 weeks behind, which I don't understand. Obviously ITV makes money from the ad revenue but why 2 weeks behind? Hulu shows other major American broadcast shows on the same day as they are aired on TV. I think it's about time that these major corps realize that we truly are international and it shouldn't be governed as to where you live to determine what you can watch on the internet. Thank goodness for those tv junkies that spend their own time uploading videos to the proper open to all websites.

abbyk said...

Apologies to Mr. Cherry, hadn't had my coffee.

Most of the stuff I watch on Hulu is next day. It would be awesome if Corrie were, too.

John McE said...

It it just me that thinks the new flower shop looks more like a regional branch of Ann Summers than it does a florists?


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