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Sunday 31 January 2016

First-look pics: Simon in trouble again on Coronation Street

Here's some preview pictures from ITV for the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Monday 8 February.

As Simon leaves for school, he tells Leanne that he doesn’t want her to watch his football match. But refusing to be put off Leanne heads to the game with Ken and Zeedan in tow. Leanne’s surprised to see Tom there whilst Simon’s furious to see her chatting up the manager.

At half time, Simon lays into Leanne for embarrassing him by flirting with Tom and bringing Ken and Zeedan with her.

As the football match hots up, Simon tackles another player, bringing him down and causing him to writhe in pain as Leanne watches in horror.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Tom looks like Daniel Casey who played Sergeant Gavin Troy on Midsomer Murders!

Anonymous said...

Alex Bain is рlaying such a good role as a baddie now, maybe he might be tyрecast for life?

Anonymous said...

I've loved Corrie these last few weeks without Leanne and her problems with Simon. I knew it was too good to be true!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,[15;05]I agree with you and haven't been missing Simon either.Like the Callum storyline,this storyline has dragged on.
Hopefully it will come to an end with Simon being arrested for assault and placed in an institution?

Anonymous said...

They drop the story for months and then pick it back up again and there's never any resolution to it

Anonymous said...

The problem is this story doesn't focus on Simon. It focuses on Leanne being hurt and forced to make difficult decisions about him. Maybe, just maybe if it was actually about Simon, they could have made it work better. I know I would rather see Simon talking to someone (a teacher, a friend) about why he is so angry. Instead, we get Leanne flirting with his teacher and then him lashing out again.

Anonymous said...

Simon is far too big now to be treated like a child throwing a tantrum. Ship him off to his grandparents..they're loaded aren't they?

maggie muggins said...

I agree with what Anonymous at 19:30 says. To make this story at all realistic, as far as soaps go, I think we need more focus on Simon's voice in all this. He's old enough now, has been for ages, to articulate some of what's going on with his emotions. And I hope it doesn't end with that one visit to a therapist/counsellor, then being prescribed drugs and that's the end of it, like with Steve McDonald. Nothing against prescription drugs, as long as it's not the final and only solution.

Looking forward to Sgt. Troy!

Laura said...

I'd like to chime in as well with the wish that more focus be placed on Simon's perspective.

It doesn't excuse his actions AT ALL, but no one could blame him for being upset that Leanne is batting her eyelashes at a romantic prospect once again, particularly when it's an adult who figures largely in his life. There's been a revolving door of adults coming into and out of his life, and he's likely afraid that this will end with him losing someone else he looked up to. With Leanne's history he has every right to be worried.

Leanne is entitled to a life, and I don't think that being a parent means you constantly need to sacrifice your own happiness. But in this case Simon is obviously struggling and needs help, and anyone with common sense should have been able to predict this would have been a trigger for him. She showed more concern for Nick's potential hurt when she kept Kal at arm's distance than she is here with her own son. She chose to be his mother, and she needs to focus on what he really needs right now - stability and support.


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