Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Did Corrie jump the shark when Phelan chucked his chips?

There's a review of Monday night's episode of Coronation Street over at Lowculture. It's written by Paul Lang who is on twitter @rudemrlang

Paul's take on Monday night's episode is one in which he reckons Corrie 'jumped the shark' when Phelan chucked his chips. 

What do you think?

Have a read of it here.

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Tvor said...

Even a man like him would probably try to stop a car dragging a woman along outside it (unless maybe if it happened to be his ex wife!) , even if it was just for the personal glory!

Laura said...

I think it was more ridiculous for Carla to fight for her stupid handbag...risking her life for what? A few credit cards that can be replaced and a bit of cash????

Anonymous said...

She chucked her engagement ring into it. I think that's why she went after it.

Anonymous said...

Corrie jump the shark?? Surely you jest..never and never matter how ludicrous the plots.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at this scene. It made me think of Phil Mitchell when he is drunk! lol

Tvor said...

Carla had the best part of a bottle of wine in her. I expect that kind of clouded her judgement a bit lol

Anonymous said...

Corrie has jumped the shark with Carla's character, full stop. In just the last year she's nearly died in a minibus crash, fire and now this accident; she almost lost her business through gambling, drunk more than ever, had a one night stand with Robert, found out who her real father is @ it's all too much.

MartesBC said...

I know a fellow who went after a thief who was steeling his car and tried to get him out of the car while it was moving.He too was dragged down the road and very badly hurt. Life changing event. I guess you think you could deal with the person, but then it's the car that gets in your way :(

Richard Cockerham said...

It jumped long before that. When Hilda left the show tanked.

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