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Corrie weekly update - Love, fire and a bingo dabber

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Ken splits up with Nessa this week. It starts when he finds out that she had an affair with Cathy’s late husband, Alan. Before he was late, of course.  When Cathy finds out that Roy found Nessa’s letters to Alan and he didn’t tell her, she dumps him. Roy! Dumped!  He doesn’t take it well and starts to unravel behind the bacon barms in Roy’s Rolls.  He knows he wants Cathy back but he also knows he must respect her wishes for him to stay away. Finally he drives over to see Cathy, followed by Nessa who wants to make amends with her sister too.  As Roy and Nessa argue outside of Cathy’s house, inside Cathy has set fire to the letters. It’s a fire which soon takes hold and starts to burn down her house, but not before Roy lets himself in with his key and saves Cathy’s life.  She’s taken to th’ospickle where she’s given the once over before being discharged and then Roy takes her back to his flat.  And in a lovely scene on Roy’s sofa, words of love are exchanged.  It fair broke my heart.  I like Cathy a lot and of course, we all love our Roy.  Nessa, meanwhile, drives out of Weatherfield after being dumped by Ken. “There’s someone else, isn’t there?” she asks Ken. Ken admits there is, yes, and the camera pans to a photo of Deirdre on the sideboard. “I’m still not over the death of my wife.”  As Nessa drives away from the cobbles she stops outside of the hair salon and spits out  at Audrey: “He’s all yours now.”

Tracy’s all fired up about opening her florist shop next week. In preparation for the grand opening, Amy tests Todd on his floral knowledge. He fails miserably, which is wonderful to watch. Any scene in which Todd Grimshaw is made to squirm is fine in my book.

In the back room of the Rovers, Connor clan secrets explode when Carla tells Kate and Aidan that Johnny’s her dad too. Worse is to come when it turns out that Kate and Jonny’s mum died in a car accident after he broke the news to her that he’d had a fling with Carla’s mum.  “You’ve got our mum’s blood on your hands! Aidan tells Johnny before thumping his dad. Johnny spends the rest of the week at the bar of the Rovers chucking double whiskies down his throat. Liz gives him her barmaid advice and he could do a lot worse than listen to her words of Liz-dom.

Kev’s date Joanne, the woman from the singles night, seems a bit too keen on Kev. She sends him a wicker basket full of sweets to the garage and then turns up to drag him out to lunch.  She’s a bit forward is Joanne, a bit presumptuous and, sadly, in what has become typical Corrie-woman style, slightly neurotic and a little bit mad.  Kev doesn’t mind her, but he admits to Anna that there’s no chemistry there.  So when Anna spies Kev and Joanne in the Rovers she does Kev a favour and interrupts their cosy conversation. Pretending to be pregnant with Kev’s kid, she tells Joanne that Kev’s a lad about town and he’s had all the women of the parish.  Joanne exits stage left and leaves the way clear for Anna and Kevin to snog.  “What about Sally?” Anna asks Kev, worried. “She’s going to kill me when she finds out!”  

Norris and Rita worry about Mary and Brendan’s intentions towards her. Brendan manages to get the night away from his wife, who’s gone to the bingo. “Has she got her own dabber?” asks Mary, concerned.  Hoping for a glamourous date night with Brendan, Mary gets dolled up in her owl pashmina. But Brendan’s idea of a posh night out is to take Mary to the nearest pub that does two steak meals for a tenner.  Delphine’s it is not.  Mary decides to make the most of their time together and invites Brendan back to Dev’s, the house is empty and she whisks him upstairs for a spot of how’s your father while Dev and the kids are out.

Over at the Bistro, Carla does her best to ignore Robert and forget their festive fling. However, Robert isn’t used to being ignored. He tells Carla to think on and warns her he could make life difficult for her.  Meanwhile, Nick wants to start planning the wedding menu for him and Carla and can’t understand why Carla’s not that keen to sit down with him and chef Robert to plan it all out.

And finally this week, when graffiti appears at the garage, Kev rings the council to complain. Remarkably, the council come and clean it immediately. Unfortunately, they also remove Maddie’s mural in the ginnel which Craig painted, thinking it was graffiti too, which it officially is.  When Anna sees how upset Sophie is that Maddie’s memorial has gone, she asks Craig and Caitlin to paint it again.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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