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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Coronation Street weekly update, June 8 2013

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You’ll have heard of Jake the Peg, deedle eedle eedle um, with his extra leg, deedle eedle eedle um and this week on Corrie we had the Jake the baby with his extra parent.  Tina’s having a hard time trying to give up the baby and tells Tommy she wants to keep her new toy. Tommy tells Rita who tells Rita to think on, but then Tommy says to Tina he’ll support her whatever she decides to do and if that means the three of them bring baby Jake up on their own as a little family, then that’s what they’ll do.  How they’ll break this news to Izzy and Tommy remains to be seen. Deedle eedle eedle um.

At Bessie Street School Dev and Steve are called in to the headmaster’s office because Aasha’s been fighting with Amy.  Steve’s sent off with a ticking off but no before he gets in: “She gets her genes from her mother!” whereas Brian wants a quiet word with Dev and tells him he needs to give the kids much more information about Sunita’s death, because not knowing what’s going on is causing the kids chaos and confusion.   The kids come in and Dev comes clean, gives them a hug and then goes into meltdown over finding the truth out about Sunita’s death. He’s a man on a mission and Karl fears Dev might start uncovering the truth so spreads the news that Dev’s not right in the head.

At Barlow’s bookies, Rob has the brass front to demand hundreds of pounds from Peter in lieu of wages.  He’s not daft, is Peter. He gets the cash from the till and counts it out but before handing any of it to Rob, deducts what Rob owes for ruining the business and repairs to the coffee machine.  There’s a hundred quid left, which Rob tells Peter to stick on a horse.  Their faces are a picture as they watch  the screens in the bookies as Rob’s horse comes in and wins.  But Rob’s smirky smile turns upside down when there’s a steward’s enquiry and his horse comes second, to the true winner, Trumpet Trousers.  And I don’t’ know about you but I’ve been giggling about that all week. Trumper Trousers!. Deedle eedle eedle um, pharp. 

Rob’s got no time for Carla this week when she pays him off with a cheque for five grand to get him out of Underworld. He reminds his sister that he knows her too well, that behind the organic yoghurt in her fridge she hides the dairylea and chicken paste.  What a woman.  I like her better for knowing that.

There’s trouble for Marcus this week when he’s invited to Ben and Andy’s civil partnership reception at the Bistro.  They’re friends of Sean, who goes along in full waspish mode, determined to out Marcus as a straight man when he turns up with Maria.  It’s clear Marcus is a little at odds with his old gay friends and his new love Maria and when talk turns to their relationship, as it inevitably must because that’s the whole reason for this civil partnership story, Marcus stuns just about everyone apart from Tom Robinson when he declares: “I’m a gay man who has fallen in love with a woman!”  Sing if you're glad to be gay, sing if you're happy that way or anyway really, just sing, sing, sing. Deedle eedle eedle um.

A lovely scene this week with Deirdre and Eileen slugging a bottle of red and putting the world to rights.  As the wine went down and Eileen’s tongue loosened, she asked Deirdre the questions we’ve all been wanting to know the answers to.  “Where do you get those belts?”  Apparently, there’s a website that sells them but as she’s been wearing them since 1970, my guess is they mainly come off the market.   Deirdre tells Eileen that when she dies, her whole life will be summed up as:  “Disappointment. With an undercurrent of fear.”  And then more wine was drunk. 

Over at the Rovers, Sally piles on the smokey eyes and wears a new top from that place in the precinct and heads to the pub to meet her blind date from th’internet.  She waits, she drinks, she waits some more but still he doesn’t come.  Disappointed, with an undercurrent of fear, Sally sallies home with Sophie and Jenna, only to have to deal with Dev determined to dig for dirt to force the cops to open the investigation into Sunita’s death. “Put Adele on!” Sally urges Jenna, thinking that’ll force Dev home but it turns out the song playing on the CD was one of Sunita’s favourites and it’s all downhill from that before Sally has no choice but to turf depressing Dev out.

And finally this week, Steve’s not best pleased in Streetcars when Fat Brenda cancels her nightshift work by text. By text, by eck! She’s even sweeter on tweeter  @fatbrenda, deedle eedle eedle um.

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Anonymous said...

Great post!

Deirdre was hilarious.

I'm enjoying the Dev/Karl stuff and
the Rob/Carla/Peter/Tracey storyline.

This might be a daft question but when has Rob been to Peter and Carla's flat and seen what Carla's hiding in the fridge?

Marcus and Maria are so boring together.

Flaming Nora said...

I think the Rob/Carla fridge comment was a metaphor :-)

Janice. said...

So Asha gets her genes from her mother, does she? And Amy, whose mother is a UN Peace Ambassador?

Anonymous said...

I think that Steve meant that Amy got her genes from her mother.

Anonymous said...

Ah ok, thank you Flaming Nora :-)

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