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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Debbie Rush on Corrie's surrogacy storyline

There's a good interview in today's Sun with Debbie Rush, who plays Anna Windass on Coronation Street. Debbie talks about the current carry on with the surrogacy storyline and how she would feel if it happened to  her in real life. 

The article also reveals that Debbie only took up acting in her mid-30s when she studied amateur dramatics at Manchester School Of Acting. She won her first TV role in 2006 on Hollyoaks and says she has been learning her trade ever since.

It's a nice little read, have a look at it here.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

It's interesting to read what programme makers think the public will make of their storylines. Personally, I don't think people are discussing it in offices and factories except to say it's a rather dull story. As an aside, I wonder why Rita hasn't (yet) pointed out that the baby may have disabilities. Tptb shouldn't be too sensitive about bringing this up because that's what would happen in real life.

Anonymous said...

If the writer's had been smart..they'd have written Anna as the surrogate. As it is the storyline is dismal and has crashed and burned IMO.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the surrogacy story is hardly "water cooler" stuff. The whole story has been unbelievable and ridiculous from the start. Usual thing: Tina being ultra selfish, Yes man Tommy fawning around her, Owen being a bully, threatening violence, and Rita sticking her oar in and throwing her life savings around. I think everyone is past caring.

David parsnips said...

If she really thinks this dreadful story will inspire women to be surrogate mums then she is as daft as her character!

Shan said...

The thing is, people aren't just asked to be a surrogate mum like she says they are talking about it on set. There is a process to it, and I think they kind of skipped over it on the show, I don't think Tina would have been approved so quickly because they want to prevent things like this. You would think by now, some newspaper would have located someone who was involved in this in real life and published the story if it really occurs. I've heard one story from the US but the circumstances were much different.

Janice. said...

Yeah right, let us inspire more women to be surrogates because there are just too few people in the world. All that food, all that water and all that land just going to waste.
Also, why would a couple, who cannot be bothered to commit to a marriage, be allowed to rent a womb?
This storyline, along with the dreadful Price family, is why I have stopped watching. I plan to resume when both are gone.

Stephen said...

The surrogacy story line, yawn-o; Anna Windass, more please.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yes lets inspire more women to be surrogates to bring another life into the world of an unbalanced unstable couple who as you say cannot even be bothered to commit to marraige and break up every five minutes. Do these actors really listen to themselves and the irresponsible claptrap they spout.


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