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Friday 28 June 2013

Corrie A-Z: I is for International audiences

As we know Coronation Street has been attracting millions of viewers here in the UK since it began back in 1960. But, as we know on this blog, the programme also attracts viewers from around the globe with a strong fan base in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
Corrie has aired in the following nations:
Australia (on and off since 1963)
Belgium (2006- )
Canada (1966- )
Ireland (1978- )
New Zealand (1964- )
The Netherlands (1967-1975, 2011- )
Sweden (2000s)
USA (on the Canadian border since 1966, online since 2009)
Other countries who broadcast Corrie included Asian nations, the Middle East, Cyprus, Malta and the United Arab Emirates.
Are you an international Corrie viewer? Since when have you been watching? How did you get hooked?
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Nicole said...

it also aired on the USA network in the US in the early 80's when they did not have their own programming. We lived in Atlanta, GA and got to see it. My mom is english and used to record it every day on her betamax vcr (yes it went the way fo the dinosaur) and thats when I started watching it but lost track till 2000 when I picked it up again in London and then got Canadian Satellite in America in the south.

abbyk said...

USA - started watching in 2000 or so on the CBC when I lived in Vermont; was instantly hooked! AFter I moved, kept up with blogs until I found it on the net.

Jo, Sydney said...

Started watching in the UK when I was about 8 (so 36 years ago), sitting on the floor next to my Grandma's chair. Followed it avidly through my teens and never missed an episode.

Fast forward to 2009, now aged 40 and happily married when I emigrated to Australia and THRILLED when I realised I could watch it via cable here. I love that it's such a massive part of my past and it's my little piece of home from home.

Can't ever imagine watching it and love it more than ever.

MartesBC said...

Early1990s in Malta when on a visit. Then England, when on a visit. Then addiction back in Canada 1995 quickly supplimented by Mike Plowman's CSVU updates ... How I loved those super whitty screen captures and raucous goings on.

Anonymous said...

It's fitting that the show's name is "Coronation Street" because it's sort of like the commonwealth, that Her Majesty is so proud of keeping together.

Anonymous said...

I also loved Mike's updates. Good times.

John in Cincinnati said...

Those of us who are fans in the US have to jump through hoops to watch it here..but we do!

Shan said...

I started watching about 11 years ago here in Canada. My university roommate had started watching it while she was on holiday in the UK, and she got me hooked. Everyday at 3pm we would buy a Flake and watch Corrie.

Anonymous said...

I'm originally from Manchester, but emigrated to Canada and I got hooked on Corrie St watching CBC. Since I now live in Atlanta, Ga I catch up with Corrie on the internet, but I have to be careful discussing the show with family and friends since Canada is 2 weeks behind. At least they finally got caught up. Yeah!!! At one point they were 10 mos behind.

Nicole said...

Anonlymous, where in Atlanta are you, I am here too, raised by 2 English parents, bornin in Ontario but raised here in the states

Unknown said...

Started watching on Dutch TV in 1967. Emigrated to Canada three years later and have watched it ever since on CBC. It's become a tradition and feel guilty not tuning in although there have been many times where I want to give up because of some of the outlandish story lines but somehow still keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in California, and I knew about Corrie from my sisters-in-law in Ireland. At least I knew not to ring them when it was on. :) We moved to Seattle this past September, and it didn't take me long discover the CBC channel. I finally gave Coronation Street a go, and now I'm hooked. We are trying to get rid of cable, so I have been getting my Corrie fix on Hulu Plus.

I immediately liked Corrie, as it is far superior to American soaps. But even as a Corrie newbie, I have noticed in recent weeks that Corrie is getting better and better. The banter, conversations, and just everyday life scenes are brilliant!

-Lauren in WA

Anonymous said...

The programme first aired in the USA for a short period in 1972.

From Corriepedia:

Episode 1082 (31st May 1971 in the UK) was the first episode of the programme to be seen in the United States of America, being broadcast by WNET (New York) on 13th November 1972. As reported in the UK television magazine "Broadcast", Granada Television offered the series for free for several weeks in the hope that it would be a success in that market, after which stations would have to begin paying for it. The critic Kay Gardella of the "New York Daily News" reviewed the programme and said, "There is a genuiness about all members of the cast that easily explains the series' popularity in England. Community life appears to be at the root of the series' success. A fact that should auger well for it here." She focussed in on one character when she said, "As a character, Ena, a tough old battleaxe of gal who always wears a hairnet, holds great promise." She told her readers to watch the series and give it a chance but, sadly, not enough did.

Rowan said...

My family watched it in Canada from the beginning, but I started watching it in earnest in about 1989. I remember at the time, the MacDonald's had just arrived.

Bobby_Marz said...

They also broadcast Corrie In Thailand, on the ITV Channel, there is around about 3/4 Years Delay!

Bobby_Marz said...

Corrie airs in Thailand (As well as other countries) on ITV (Use to be ITV Granada) Now ITV Choice since the reluanch in January, There is around about 3/4 Years delay.

Here's there WIKI Page -

as well as the official site:

jimf said...

John in Cincinnati, I disagree. Watching on Hulu is easy, free on a laptop or desktop computer, legal, supported by ad revenue, and not "jumping through hoops."


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