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Sunday 16 June 2013

Corrie's best dad

Today we thank our Dads, Stepdads, Dad-in-laws and Granddads for all they do for us, and in many cases we spare a moment for those no longer with us. On Coronation Street there are a great number of children, all who have very different relationships with their fathers, but which of these do you think could be described as ‘Corrie’s Best Dad?’ Let's have a look at the contenders.

Steve McDonald
– Steve has many faults but being a father is probably not one of them. Amy has been subject to much to-ing and fro-ing between Steve and Tracy, and as a result can be a little madam at times, but on the whole Steve puts Amy first and is a good dad.

Dev Alahan
– It has been a difficult time for Dev as a parent following Sunita’s death and we’ve seen a lot more of Asha and Aadi since the Rovers fire. Dev has been tormented by wanting to protect them from the truth of the fire, but also preserving their mother’s memory. He’s had a few crazy moments in recent weeks but the kids know they are loved and apart from a few playground scrapes, they seem to be well behaved and haven't been too scarred by recent events. Leaving the children with Mad Mary didn’t seem to be the best idea at first but she seems to be providing much-needed support to a family in mourning.

Owen Armstrong
– Pushy Owen lives for his girls and you know he will always be there for them when it matters. He does however have a tendency to let his temper get the better of him and this can create friction between him and his two grown-up daughters. But s a single Dad it must have been difficult bringing up two girls. He has also been heavily involved in the bringing up of Anna’s adopted daughter Faye, and you can tell he cares, but has he let his emotions get the better of him with her too?

Peter Barlow
– One would instinctively look back to the fire which almost killed Peter and Simon and immediately conclude that Peter couldn’t possibly be the best dad on The Street. Peter has struggled with alcohol addiction and as such he reluctantly gave Leanne custody of this son not too long ago, so it is clear Peter has tried to put his young son’s wellbeing first.

Other dads on Coronation Street include Sean, whose baby son lives in London, Ken, who has a turbulent relationship with Tracy, and of course Kevin, who we haven’t seen for some time and who is father to Rosie and Sophie.  Each has a very different style of parenting and it seems those who have girls seem to struggle at times understanding the needs of their daughters as they grow up. New dad Tyrone has gone through the trauma of finding out his first child wasn’t his, and now dotes on the child he has with Kirsty, and he appears to have made a good start at parenting now he has the child he always wanted.

It’s difficult to decide who Corrie’s best dad is, they all have their strong points and substantial weaknesses - who would you vote for?

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Gina said...

David is a really great step-dad.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree Gina. And I think Tyrone deserves a higher ranking than Ken Barlow and Sean Tully! lol
Glad to see Owen on the list of good dads. I think he is indeed. :-)

Janice. said...

Terry Duckworth for staying out of Tommy's life.

Ms. N'Donna said...

Tyrone is an awesome dad. He loved baby Jack (before the ugly truth came out) and he loves Ruby so much. He deserved a higher rank! And even though Steve has done stuff that makes me want to tear my hair, he really does love Amy, and he's tried to be a good dad to her...even though we haven't seen Amy in a long while.

Frosty the Snowmanh said...

Tyrone is a useless Dad - he dumped baby Jack as soon as he found he wasnt the real father and took two small kids on the run. Peter put his relationship with Carla before Simon every time. Dev is too wrapped up in his own madness and self pity to be a good dad to the twins. David is a pretty good caring dad to Max and would win the award for best dad for Frosty.

Llifon said...

They asked this on the Corrie4ever facebook page, and I think the best dads have been Bert Tilsley and Ashley Peacock :)

Tvor said...

Dev is a good dad now but he barely saw his children the 5 years he and Sunita were apart and never spoke about them onscreen. I'd vote for Ashley Peacock as the best dad but Steve is pretty good, too.

Shan said...

Doesn't Dev have a child at every corner shop he owns?

I like David as a step-dad. Max really brought out some great things in David. And no matter how evil he gets, I think a kid is something he would be really good at. I think you have to give Chesney credit too, for working hard for his family. A lot of adults don't have provide for their kids the way Chesney does.

Newfy Pearl said...

Frosty - I forgot about that. You are right. He dumped little Jack quicker than a hot potato and never looked back.

Anonymous said...

What about Lloyd? Jenna might be an adult but he's been very supportive and loving to her - and it's not his fault that he wasn't involved in bringing her up. Just goes to show that being a parent doesn't stop when the kid turns 18...


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