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Sunday 30 June 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards for June 24 - 28

Mother Lioness award: Say what you may about Beth, she defends her chick.

Song of Solomon award: Izzy, the true mother, was willing to give up the baby rather than figuratively tear him apart. So Tina gave him up instead.

Lesson of the day: Horses and Giraffes sleep standing up by locking their knees. I did not know that's how they did it.

Organization award: Roy has an Instruction Manual drawer. The rest of us have junk drawers.

Fashion Disaster award: Beth.

Lines of the Week 
Deirdre to Norris "How's your bedside manner?" Norris "That's something you'll never find out"
Peter about David "Is he feeling all right? He's not normally this nice" (which should make you suspicious)
Faye about school "Scintillating as usual" (she *is* only 11, right?) Jason "Is that good or bad?" Faye "Is he kidding?" Tim "It's hard to tell sometimes"
Hayley "You don't take pieces of different jigsaws and try to fit them together"
Sylvia "Sounds like you've unleashed the hounds of hell. Gird your loins, Roy, this is not going to be pretty"
Craig "I was already having night..... mares" (Another clue?)
Anna "I'd rather a newborn baby than a stroppy teenager" (that's Faye told)
Tina "This is worse than Ross and Rachel"
Leanne to Gail "Just because the steriotype of a mother-in-law is an interfering old bat doesn't mean you have to live up to it"
Roy "There you have it. I am the ghost"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Creepy award: From a harmless if annoying character, Norris has now become a very unpleasant and rather sinister individual Why do people “lodge” with others on the Street anyway, I don’t know anyone that has done this since the 1960s, especially as living accommodation on the Street is always so easy to come by.

SHUT UP award: Beth is another one that was gobby but likeable that is being turned into another unpleasant individual. Roy is easy to shout at and bully as he won’t defend himself.

Yet another horrific character award: Tracy – just what is the point of this lank haired vile woman?

Strange time award: What time was it supposed to be on Friday – it was dark, Roy was going to bed, David and Nick and the Windasses were just going out and Dreary was walking the dog on her own in the park?

Always there to remind you award: Even Frosty felt a bit sorry for Tina, the Munster family are always there as a reminder and no Gary they don’t want a drink – back off You would think they would keep a low profile or drink somewhere else until things are a bit less raw but oh no there they all are again!!

Plain ridiculous award: For goodness sake why does Gail keep going around with her mop and duster during opening hours? It’s just getting silly now.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Renaissance award: Hooray for Deirdre! She was only ever seen with Tracyluv and Ken, but now tptb have put her in scenes with Eileen and with the Croppers. Great writing. Deirdre has a lovely 'over the garden fence' delivery and she can ramble on quite happily without a reply. Years of living with Ken, I suppose.

Is She Still Here Award?: Tracy. The character is nearly 40, and acting like a 14 year old. Stale, very stale.

Leave Me Alone Already Award: The Windarms can't take a hint. Stop buying Tina and Tommy drinks. Is this going on till MK leaves? Just when we thought it was safe to come out from behind the sofa.

Tvor said...

Roy was only going for a nap, not to bed for the night. He was wearing proper clothes under the dressing gown, not his pyjamas. It did seem to be dark rather early. This time of year in Manchester it doesn't get fully dark like that until nearly 11 pm.

Anonymous said...

Fine in the lap from Sylvia to Tracy..wish I'd have done it.

Beth STFU already...trying to milk some sort of $$ compensation out of Roy..what was with Craig in Roy's loo? He only lives 1 minute away. Contrived nonsense.

Shan said...

I have an instruction manual drawer, I wonder what other Roy Cropper tendencies I'll pick up as I get older.

How about the "Oh me? I was just in the back tidying up" award for the reappearance of Mandy?

Anonymous said...

If wonder if Mandy is going to do a Dr. day she just won't be there at all.

Anonymous said...

Roy was wearing his pajamas under his robe when he was sleepwalking. He had made a sarcastic remark to Sylvia about being fully dressed under his robe when she commented on his not being dressed and ready to open the cafe in the morning.

Newfy Pearl said...

Screeching Beth reminded me of Cilla! lol
But unlike Cilla Beth truly loves her Craig to bits. I really liked her looking out for him, but realising that she had overstepped and embarrassed him.
BTW I think that Beth and Kirk and Craig make a fantastic family. I would love to see a wedding and a new baby there. :-)


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