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Monday 24 June 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 24 June

The Street always does the sights and sounds of morning well and today's episodes were no exception. First of all we have Hayley looking for Roy who has spent the night in the cafe. He's snoring gently until Hayley wakes him up. She says that the mystery is not yet solved then, and he turns on her saying, 'This is not a crime novel or an episode of Miss Marple.' Things are not going well for Hayley and Roy nor for Roy and Sylvia who tells him he is shuffling around as if lobotomised.

Next we see Izzy ranting at Gary for not having woken her up. Then to Gail's where Nick and Leanne stayed after the 'break in' and Nick was complaining that Leanne has kept him awake due to her teeth grinding.Though these little insights do not perhaps mirror our lives exactly, there is enough that is recognisable to help us relate to the characters and give us a sense of a universal truth - that we're all imperfect but that's ok.

The central action tonight of course revolved around Izzy, Gary, Tina and Tommy. Although there have been times during the Jake / Joe debacle when there has been melodramatic acting, even though it's a very emotional situation, tonight was different. The four young actors did a terrific job, wholly convincing right up to the moment Tina walked away. Particularly touching from Izzy was when she thought this was goodbye to Jake and she offered him some words of comfort 'When you feel different, scared and vulnerable - everyone feels the same.' Spot on Izzy. The absolute zenith of all this was Tina back home. She stood alone, her whole demeanour showing how bereft she felt, then crumbling into sobs. Michelle Keegan, you are a terrific actress!

Rita had it in for Norris tonight didn't she? More than usual that is. Emily, Rita and Deirdre all laughing and enjoying themselves, as Norris deals with the needs of his 'impatient patient.' On taking a cup of tea from him Rita says,'Thank you Lurch.' For those who don't know, Lurch was the gloomy butler in The Addams Family, though Norris is a little shorter as Lurch was 6 foot 9. Emily compliments him on his nursing skills then Rita says, 'We've found a use for him at last.' Deirdre asks him about his bedside manner, is told that it's good but that it is something that she will never see. Hope she copes with the rejection! Deirdre admires the flowers but Norris is swift to describe them as 'gaudy' and sent only to ensure Spider and Freda receive their inheritance.

Demonic David continues his devilish deception. Picking up Simon, giving him his tea, offering to help Leanne clear up, all this apparent kindness making Leanne reconsider her opinion of her brother-in -law. The stolen lighter? Peter's lighter is now stuffed down the settee at Nick and Leanne's for future recriminations no doubt.

Tim is struggling still but we've not seen him for a while. Baked beans are ok, but not too often perhaps. A pile of takeaway cartons were in view and instead of the rejected baked beans, a pizza was ordered. He turned down a drink with Jason to stay with Faye so that is good. An interesting comparison was made with Anna and Faye when Izzy pointed out that Anna gave up Faye to Tim because of love and that that was what she would do with Jake.

Deirdre should get in touch with Jeremy Hunt now. She could save the NHS single-handedly. Instead of putting nicotine patches in the conventional places, like arms, Deirdre suggested to put one on each eye thus making it extremely difficult to find your fags. Genius!

Craig? Is it you? Does your mother make you sneak into the cafe toilet when no one is looking in order to wreak some weird revenge on Roy? 

'How was school?' asks Tim. 'Scintillating,' answers Faye. Jason asks, 'Is that good or bad?' Faye asks, 'Is he joking?'  Tim's reply is, 'Hard to tell.' Excellent writing!

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Anonymous said...

Good episode tonight..really felt for Izzy and Gary. Anna has reverted to type I see.
David is just too bad for words..I wondered where he'd got off to.

Poppy said...

I agree with some of the recent bloggers who have commented on the last couple of episodes. I, too, have really been loving Corrie lately. The storylines are engrossing and the acting has been first class. Izzy and Gary were fantastic lastnight and their scenes were very moving. Their story was tied up nicely and much of what Izzy said was so right. I wonder what's next for the pair. Loving Roy, Hayley and the Platts and it's great to see Emily and Deirde back for light relief. I have a feeling it's going to be a good summer for Corrie this year.

Shan said...

Loved last nights episodes. I was so worried we'd get more of Izzy's horrible crying face but the acting was really good. I'm glad it was pointed out to Anna that she gave up Faye, she's hardly one that can get all judgmental in this case.

I wish that they had showed the part where Tina told them they could have the baby back, rather than just coming in afterward.

The scenes with Norris and the lady were great. I like what Hayley said to him in the Kabin about always looking for the worst in people.

All around, good Corrie.

Joseph said...

Has anyone else noticed that Baby Jake looks exactly like Eddie Windass without the hair? It drove my Mum and I to distraction last night.

Bezza said...

Loved last nights episodes. Amazing how much better the episodes are when we are not subjected to St Ella and her brood (with the exeption of Leanne)


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