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Monday 17 June 2013

Video: Coronation Street summer storyline spoilers

The official Coronation Street website at have a short video revealing some summer spoilers on the Street.

Here's what's teased for this summer on Corrie.

David finds out about Kyie's baby possibly being Nick's. He attacks Gail - and throws what looks disturbingly like olives(!) at her - in the kitchen!  He plans a vendetta of hate against Nick to take his brother's life apart, bit by bit.  Some excellent acting coming up from Jack P Shepherd as David.

Heartbreaking news for Hayley and Roy after Hayley visits the doctor and breaks sad news to Roy, telling him that she always thought the "best was yet to come" for them both.

Problems for Peter in the Bookies when he could go bankrupt after Rob wins big on a bet. Will Peter sell up?

Izzy tells Tina about the baby: "You've won, Tina he's yours."

Eileen's disgusted and ashamed by Paul making a racist comment to Steve which Jenna and Lloyd overhear.  Powerful stuff.

Have a look at the video here.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Looks like a gallery of funny face pulling above.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it really is good to see Evil David back! Jack P Shepherd is a brilliant actor imo, and I think this storyline has been fantastic. Looks like the beginning of Hayley's heart breaking exit, as sad as it will be to watch with it being in the hands of David Nelson and Julie Hesmondhalgh, I know it will be done well. As for the rest, well a bit so-so I Have to say. Cant stand Paul and Eileen, Lloyd's family, and as for dreary Rob yawn! How on earth is he the fabulous Carla's brother?!

Tvor said...

The Trailer looked really good!

Anonymous said...

Looks good. Poor Gail, although I do love that the olives are still making an appearance all these months on!

Matilda said...

I read online earlier today that Jason Grimshaw will find a new love very soon... I predict that it will be Katy Armstrong. I don't see any long term future for Katy and Ryan and have a feeling that she'll be very soon paired with Jason.

Preview looks great! I am thoroughly enjoying the David and Kylie storyline. Will be interesting next week when Peter enters the picture again.

Shan said...

Sounds great. Wish itv would let us watch the videos outside of the UK!

Anonymous said...

Anyway you can stream the video onto this site? Can't view it from canada. Not allowed. :(

Newfy Pearl said...

I am one of the few Rob fans. LOL @ Peter.
Tina is involved in the David revenge saga??? Wow. She should be a Price, she is involved with almost everything. lol

Anonymous said...

You can see them on here.

Anonymous said...

I asked this question at the time and I'm still waiting for an explanation. Why was there a handbag (purse) to be inventoried among Sunita's things at the hospital? She saw Karl pass in the ginnel, put down her wine glass and followed him into the Rover's. She was NOT carrying her purse. When she was pulled from the fire and put into the ambulance, with Dev accompanying her, there was no purse! So why was there one among her effects in the ICU? If Dev had decided to bring it for her later he would remember that.

Shan said...

Thanks to the person who posted the youtube link. It looks great. The David storyline looks promising, though Tina trying talk sense into David is a little ridiculous.

I think the Roy and Hayley storyline is going to be heartbreaking. I get that they're just characters but I feel so sorry for Roy.


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