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Friday 21 June 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 21 June

Coronation Street, Friday 21st June at 7.30pm

DAVID CAN’T KEEP A LID ON HIS FURY ANY LONGER. Back on the street a brooding David struggles to hide his contempt as he watches Nick and Leanne play happy families. Taking out his anger on Gail, aware she’s complicit in Nick and Kylie’s lies, David tells her he’s putting her rent up. Kylie tries to reason with David but he’s having none of it and unable to contain his anger any longer he heads to Nick’s flat.
TINA WITNESSES A SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENT FOR THE BABY. After further tests Tina is told ‘Joe’ is now strong enough to be breast-fed. The news reaffirms her belief that the baby needs her but as she struggles to feed him Tina wonders if she’s doing the right thing. Will Tommy be able to reassure her?
CHESNEY USES SINEAD TO MAKE KATY JEALOUS. As Chesney arranges another date with Sinead he makes a deliberate display of affection towards her in front of Katy. Unsure of her relationship with Ryan, will Katy feel a stab of jealousy?
Elsewhere Norris nurses Emily as she struggles with a sprained ankle. Roy plans to stay up all night so he can find out who’s been playing tricks on him in the cafe.

Coronation Street, Friday 21st June at 8.30pm

DAVID STARTS HIS SECRET CAMPAIGN OF TERROR. David unleashes his suppressed heartbreak and anger, tearing Nick’s flat apart and breaking anything he can lay his hands on. Returning home Nick and Leanne are horrified to discover the destruction and call the police. As Owen fits new locks David plays the supportive brother. But when he pockets one of the new keys it’s clear David’s revenge doesn’t end here!
ANNA AND TINA’S ANIMOSITY REACHES BOILING POINT. When Izzy breaks down, unable to bear the thought of Tina being happy-ever-after with her baby, Anna’s concern turns to rage. Tracking Tina down she slaps her across the face before turning on Rita and Tommy, claiming she knows that in their heart of hearts they agree with her over Tina’s decision. Rattled, Tina asks Rita and Tommy for the truth.
KATY’S UPSET AS CHESNEY FLAUNTS SINEAD. Sinead’s confused by Chesney’s mixed signals as Katy and Ches continue to bicker.
Elsewhere Roy keeps an all night vigil in the cafe determined to get to the bottom of the ghostly going-ons. Emily’s thrilled to receive flowers from both Freda and Spider.

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Zagg said...

Personally I can't wait to see Anna slap Tina. She deserves it.

Anonymous said...

It was epic!

Corrie fan said...

When Anna made that speech after slapping Tina a shiver went down me, it was fantastic! Well done Anna! It was just what Tina needed to hear, but then Rita and Tommy bottled out after and didn't tell Tina the truth. Why didn't Rita or Denis say what they really thought?

John McE said...

Is anyone else sickened by the thought that David will almost certainly get away with his current psychopathic antics?

And listening to him going on about how he owns the house that he virtually stole from his own mother, makes me wish Richard Hillman would return from the grave and finish him off properly this time.

I just hope that somehow Gail stops being such a doormat and seizes back ownership of the house.... and gives David a does of his own medicine.


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