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Sunday 16 June 2013

Coronation Street weekly update, June 16 2013

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The big story this week has fans divided and down the country with some on Team Tina and some not.  Tina’s only gone and said she wants to keep the baby “I can’t hand him over! I’m his mother!” - which upsets Izzy and Gary, as you’d expect.  Izzy sees a solicitor but it’s not good news as a surrogate mother has a legal right to change her mind and besides which, there was no agreement, no contract between them. Owen chucks Tina out of the flat and she moves in with Tommy at Rita’s.  Tommy and Rita are on Tina’s side, at first it seems, but doubts soon bubble up about her decision to keep the baby that she’s renamed Joe, after her dad.

There was a lovely comic scene this week when Tracy tells Rob she’s got herself a new job in marketing.  Now then, hang on, let’s rewind just a bit. Tracy Barlow must really be into Rob because she would never, ever, voluntarily go out and herself work unless she was trying to impress.  Surely it can’t be long now before she moves in with Rob, does a sexy dance in a short skirt with an ornament in her hand?  Anyway, so Tracy’s got this new job in marketing, which is really cold-calling, trying to flog bathroom suites over the phone.  Deirdre, Peter and Carla don’t take her seriously and she’s forced to hide in Amy’s little-girl bedroom to ring up the punters.

There was a bit of a contrived storyline this week with Paul the fireman getting a knock on the door from little Paddy, a kid whose life Paul has saved, along with little Paddy’s family and a journalist that little Paddy’s family has rang with a story about a hero firefighter.  This just wouldn’t happen, would it, not at his home?  Whatever, Eileen’s already beside herself with worry over what Paul gets up to when he’s out at work so this does nowt for her worry-o-meter and she finally agrees to take up the offer of counselling for firefighter’s families.
Desperate Dev continues his quest to clear Sunita’s name in setting the Rovers Return ablaze.  When Sunita was admitted to hospital, they took an inventory of her belongings she went in there with and Dev tears the house apart looking for this list, sure that they’ll be no keys on the inventory, proving that someone planted the Rovers keys on her.  I was sure too and more than a bit surprised that a set of keys was on the list.  He’s down but not out, and presses on in a mac like a demented detective, a Corrie Colombo.   Karl’s getting scared that Dev’s too near the truth so nips down the ginnel wearing a pair of gloves, intent on doing away with Dev, but in the end he just can’t. Dev gets to live another day but for now, he tells the kids, he’s stopping the search for the truth about Sunita.  Meanwhile, young Craig continues to look shifty every time he sees Karl. He knows summat, that Craig.

Finally this week, over at Roy’s Rolls, there’s strange goings-on when Roy finds the condiments all lined up in size order. He says he didn’t do it and wonders who did.  Sylvia and Hayley laugh about poltergeists and Beth jokes about having an app on her phone that finds ectoplasm. Could it be Roy’s disturbed mind, sleep-walking and sleep-sorting and he can’t remember what he’s done the next day? I wonder.

And that’s about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I don't get how characters just let themselves be chucked out of flats into the street..clothes n'all and nobody calls the cops. You cannot just evict someone in 5 minutes. This happens time and again..twice with Owen throwing Tina out and it's accepted? I suppose Rita being so in love with Tina she doesn't mind having her and the babe and boyfriend underfoot. There's somthing not right with Rita's fixation on Tina. Maybe the truth with come out that she (Rita) had an abortion when she was very young or had a baby and had to give it up for adoption because she couldn't care for it properly..we'll see...

Rosepatch said...

I liked the scene between Gail and Kylie where Kylie said that she had been looking up olive recipes for Gail, and Gail started munching on olives! Nice reminder of the time when whats-is-name (I forget) set her up into ordering hundreds too many!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't surprised that they found keys on the hospital inventory. Karl switched the house keys for the Rover's. Yet another way to drag out the story.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Peter, Carla, Deirdre & Tracy scenes at the Barlow's. Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...

A guy called John...
It's time to end the Karl story line. This slimy guy has to go.

Anonymous said...

it's time for everyone to find out about Karl.


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