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Monday 17 June 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 17 June

It's early morning on our favourite street, as the nation tunes in tonight. First sighting is Roy, taking the chairs down from the table tops, then going to have a look outside. Up and down the street he looks until Hayley arrives. Ignoring her attempt to make him jump, though she claims she thought he knew she was there, he tells her that the door was unlocked. Hayley dashes to the till but no money is missing. Asking where his mother is, Hayley tells Roy that Sylvia is in the shower, singing The Rivers of Babylon by Boney M. Perhaps a surprising choice by Sylvia? It's never a a good idea to stereotype though. Hayley roundly puts Roy straight when he asks if she's playing tricks. She denies she is and adds that she's 47. Maybe there is a cut off point, an age past which tricks are not allowed. Clearly Hayley thinks so.

(By the way does anyone else remember the energetic performance of Boney M on Top of the Pops decades ago?)

Sleuth Sylvia lists the people who could be playing tricks and as she says, 'If you want to identify the culprit, identify the cause.'

Later in the pub, Roy thinks he has discovered the culprit. There are Tracey and Beth, making jokes about the supernatural and ensuring that Roy can hear the jokes. Roy remembers that he told Craig off for littering and that Beth is just the type to take revenge. Roy seems so certain that it would be surprising if it wasn't true.

Steve and Michelle are struggling  in their rather cramped living conditions and Michelle's reeling off of what she has in store for breakfast doesn't encourage further lodgers. Poor Steve though ends up with the rock hard muffin. As Michelle points out, it's no surprise that Ryan is tiring of living with Katie and little Joseph, who, to add to the chaos of breakfast, takes this opportunity to fill his nappy.  

Tina came in for some real stick tonight. Whoever's side you're on in the baby Joe/Jake debacle, there is no doubting the strength of feelings on both sides.

Still on the topic of babies, David learns that all his appointments at the salon have been handed over to Maria, and that he is to be whisked away overnight to a peaceful country cottage, by Kylie so that she can show him how grateful she is for his care of  her during her pregnancy. Before they set off and even before Kylie can officially tell him about the treat, he overhears Gail and Kylie discussing the possibility that Nick could be the father of Kylie's baby. Still clutching his flowers David heads for the pub where Kylie tries to get in touch. On seeing her incoming call David, ignores it and lets the phone ring. Just who you need at a time like this appears berating David for for not answering his phone. 'Have you never heard of noise pollution?' chides Norris.

Kylie and Gail are both unaware of his having overheard them saying, 'You slept with his brother.' And Kylie saying that she wishes she hadn't slept with Nick on David's birthday, which is also Christmas of course. Then Gail saying, 'Let's hope the baby turns out to be his.' These words provide no ambiguity, no room for confusion so neither Gail nor Kylie can possibly deny or lie about what they said when he challenges them. Imagine the turmoil and the betrayal he must feel. Involved in this are his girlfriend and mother-to-be of his child, his mother and his brother. How do you ever recover from this?

In the cottage, David is very quiet and of course, we know why. Kylie must be frustrated by his mood and asks him to tell her what's troubling him. She tells David that Nick helped pay for the cottage is a red rag to a bull. She goes off to bed and he tells her that he will follow shortly. The camera hones in on a demonic looking David. The cottage is isolated and Kylie has no idea that David heard what he heard...      

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Billy Niblick said...

I just hope that David doesn't act the dick and contemplate suicide, or smash some things up, or anything daft like that.

Anonymous said...

David crying on the stairs! Heartbreaking! and so convincing.

Tina, what are you doing you stupid girl! "I'm keeping the baby and keeping the money" Do you realise how ridiculous you sound?

Anonymous said...

Tina has always been selfish, but now she has become despicable.

Beth said...

Why Tommy wants to be with Tina is anybody's guess. He didn't want her to go through with this plan in the first place, saying it was madness even though she was claiming it was for his benefit and debt. He kept insisting they would find another way and work through it. Even when good old Reet waved her magic cheque book she still knew best.

He watched the Windass Armstrongs fawn and paw Tina all these months and then creepy Gary stalk her.

Now he has to listen to her stomp her feet again and know better than anybody again that she's keeping the baby and keeping the money and pity help anybody who disagrees with her.

She walks and stomps all over Tommy. Why would he want to be treated like a door mat? His opinion has counted for nothing all this while. He's far too soft for this little madam and just takes it all.

The other lot are just as bad or worse. Poor Jake/ Joe doesn't stand much of a chance whoever he ends up with.

Stephen said...

Yes, I remember Boney M on TV. The ladies were beautiful but the music was always laughable Eurodrivel!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Tina getting viler and more selfish by the episode, Stella sticking her beak in yet again, more pointlessness from the spare part that is Boria, more ridiculous bonhamie between Karl and Dev,. Katie with her sense of entitlement and a contest between Steve and Tommeh on who is the most spineless and under the thumb. Usual Corrie episode.

John McE said...

Has there ever been a more clumsy piece of exposition than when Gail gave her "info-dump" to Kylie while David listened in upstairs?

If the script had only had Gail rowing with Kylie, then David could have got the same information a hell of a lot more convincingly.

And if you care to switch over to BBC-4, who have been regularly showing old TOTPs for a long while now, you could have seen Bony M sing "Rivers of Babylon" on the most recent show.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I like David and JS may yet develop into a competent actor. However, the demon David expression - 'look down, raise your eyes and frown' - is pathetic. Not the actor's fault but the director's.

Who are we supposed to feel sorry for in the surrogacy story? The baby and Dennis; the rest are totally unlikeable.

Anonymous said...

As bad as Lewis hiding underneath a table 2 feet from Kylie when she and Nick spill the beans.

Shan said...

The takeaway from last nights episode is: if you're going to spill your secrets in a pointless conversation you've already had with that person, then check every room personally, rather than just yelling "are you home" to the entire house.

As much as I have disagreed with Tina's decision, I actually didn't mind her...until last night. I get she's not the brightest bulb but even she has to realize how dumb she sounds when she says she needs to keep the money they paid her to have their baby so she can fight them in court to keep their baby.

Anonymous said...

ok..that's fine.


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