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Sunday 23 June 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards: June 17 - 21

Death Stare award: Nobody can do it like David!

An Image I'd rather forget: Sylvia singing Boney M's Rivers of Babylon in the bath.

Cooking lesson award: Soup boils... soup spoils. Is that true?

Deer caught in the headlights award: Ryan is getting backed into a corner very fast. I have no sympathy.

Hypocrite award: Gold Star: Katy not being sure she likes Sinead spending time with Joseph.
Norris bitching about people being slaves to mobile phones. His goes off and he quickly answers it but it's only a telemarketer anyway.

Not my fault award: Norris doesn't think Emily's fall was his fault. I think it was. She's too old to be climbing footstools to clean windows.

007 Award: Roy wants Hayley to spy on Beth for him. Roy is going to stay up all night to keep watch.

Cheap shot award: Tina may be doing the wrong thing but Anna didn't have the right to smack her outright like that in public. Izzy may have the right, but Anna doesn't.

Lightweight award: Roy's falling asleep at 10:30 p.m.

Lines of the week: 
Sylvia "Mind games they call it. It's not his cafe they've broken into, it's his head"
David to Norris who's complaining about the unanswered phone ringing "I could wedge it down your throat and kill two birds with one stone"
Beth "Did you hear about the bloke that couldn't pay the exorcist? He got repossessed!" (Ha!)
David "You haven't had the surprises I've had" (You can say that again)
Steve "No sudden movements and it pays sometimes to hold your breath!"
David "Blood is not thicker than water" and, to Nick "I'll make sure I pay you back for everything"
Sean "It's very tiring going bump in the night and I should know"
Gail "It's like, today he went out for milk and came back his old nasty self"
Rita "You need a fella" Emily "I'll call Daniel Craig after you've gone. I bet he's got a lovely bedside manner"
Sylvia "When was it ever right to make my son face up to an issue?"

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Anonymous said...

Good awards - except for the Anna one. I'd like to thank Anna for smacking Tina's face on my behalf!


~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

About time...Anna giving Tina a good clither..she should have given her another ont other side n'all..nasty cow. Tommy deadhead bobblehead..agrees with everything Tina says and Rita..what's she on? Space cakes? She should give Tina a smacking as well!! Somebody has to get through that thick skull..she's just as dumb as her father was.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Nodding dogs award: Rita and Tommah just always agree with everything Tina says whether she is right or wrong. Surely a good and proper friend would tell it like it is and not just what she wants to hear.

Nod to the past award: Nice to see mention of Spider and Freda niece and nephew of Emily. Does the mention mean one of them could be back for a visit? That would be great.

Put on hold award: Dev has shelved his investigation into the Rovers fire but I am sure it’s not the end of it. The sooner Karl is revealed as the real culprit the better as its beginning to drag on a bit now

Dumbbells working award: Chesney is certainly bulking up. Silly selfish tiresome little Katie obviously still has feelings for him or she is being a total dog in the manger.

Pointless character of the week award: Sean, really what is the point of him? With his arm folding, lip pursing and eye rolling, there is no need for him any longer and wish he would just bog off.

Not right award: David always calls his mother Gail – why?

Tvor said...

But Rita and Tommy don't agree and kept gently putting on pressure even though they are supporting her anyway.

abbyk said...

Missed Opportunity Award: as Tina & Tommy and Gary & Izzy angrily part ways on the street, how many of us were expecting, "Remember what we did to your father."

Back to Their Roots (Tie):
- Anna, foregoing all that pinky smothery mothery nonsense, bickers about private matters on the street and storms into the Rovers for The Slap. She is once again that classless piece of trash who moved onto the street with Eddie.
- David, the demon seed. No amount of marriage or excessive generosity by his grandmother is going to permanently cover up his rotten core.

Anonymous said...

Anna may not have had the right to slap Tina in the pub, but given Tina's penchant for throwing drinks in customers' faces, it's a bit hard to feel any sympathy for her.


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