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Friday 14 June 2013

Tina's moral choice

The surrogacy story has reached the twist that pretty much everyone knew was coming. Tina can't bring herself to give up the baby to Izzy and Gary. In a large part, she was overwhelmed with love for the baby and that's a natural reaction. In a small part, she sees Gary and Izzy fighting, Gary having made a pass at her. Now Izzy and Gary are at odds, perhaps with a cool truce for the baby's sake but Izzy not planning to forgive Gary any time soon. The baby would be brought up in a broken home full of tension.

While I can understand the pull of hormones, I think she's wrong to keep the baby. Legally, she's the mother and does not have to abide by her promise. I believe that even a written contract would not be legally enforceable (though I may be wrong) and as far as Gary's paternal rights go, he only has them if she says he can. Legally she can give paternal rights to Tommy if she chooses. She and Gary were not married at the time of the birth. As for that broken home, she probably thought that a single parent would still be better for the baby than two parents split apart and at each others' throats while sharing custody. She's got Tommy on her side for the time being, but for how long?

Izzy and Gary may be at odds but they also have a family to support them and the child where Tina (and Tommy) have two old age pensioners. Tina does have a mother but she's never been in the picture and seems to have been totally forgotten altogether.

Biologically and genetically, that child is not hers, it's Izzy and Gary's. She promised. She took money (which is illegal aside from legitimate expenses). I don't recall if she signed a contract though there may have been some medical forms signed when she underwent the surrogacy treatments. Morally, I think she should give the baby to his rightful parents, as difficult as it would be for her.

It would have been too simple for the storyline to follow the planned route. Tina gives the baby over and looks sadly at the little family from across the cobbles when she sees them out and about. Having Tina keep the baby after all gives us far more drama and storyline into the near future at least. Everyone's upset, Tina stands alone. Even though Tommy and Rita have supported her, they don't really think she's doing the right thing, either.

There is supposed to be a court hearing now. Whether we'll get that far is another question. Will Tina give in? Will the judge say, Sorry, the law is clear. She can keep the baby. That will cause further ructions, hate and screaming in the middle of the street. I guess we'll find out soon enough. I can't help thinking that in the real world, if this were to happen, Tina might keep the baby and then leave town. (Well, yes, I know that spoiler too, but that's a ways off yet with lots of angst and storyline that can unfold in the meantime).

I know there's been a lot of criticism about the storyline but I have enjoyed it so far even when, at times, I've been annoyed. Overall, I think it's been interesting and good soap fodder. We've done a Yay or Nay about the subject here, feel free to add your views here or there.

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Anonymous said...

Gary and Izzy's family are a group of bad-un's. Owen is a bully who resorts to threats and violence when he doesn't get his own way and Anna (and Eddie) were responsible for the downward spiral of Tina's dad (although why she doesn't remember this is beyond me) when they refused to pay for their new kitchen cupboards. Izzy is a jealous hag constantly harping on Gary for whatever reason and all he says to her anymore is "I'm Sorry!!!" No, they don't deserve the kid, but neither does Tina..she's too flighty. Wouldn't it be a kick if she did sign the baby over to Izzy and Gary, and Izzy finds out that she's pregnant and can't keep the baby after would be too much work.

Have a fine day y'all!!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

They've done an amazing thing here with this story. Hardly anyone likes it and none of the characters deserves any sympathy - unless you count Dennis who looks totally bewildered. By the time Tina goes, really nobody will care anymore. The story went wrong from the moment Tina and Tommy split and she no longer needed to fund his debt.

Anonymous said...

None of the characters are likeable and therefore there is no sympathy or empathy for any of them. Its the poor child I feel sorry for, imagine how this will mess up his head when he gets older. I also feel sorry for the rather hapless Dennis, bossed around - get that door open now! and controlled by the red haired old harridan.

Shan said...

I have to agree, there doesn't seem to be a clear "winner" in all of this. While we can say that what Tina is doing is morally wrong, it's not like the Windass Armstrong clan have made a good case for themselves.

I'm getting tired of the story (I'm really getting tired of Izzy's blubbering and whining and revenge face) but I really want to see how the rest of the Street is going to respond when they find out.

Anonymous said...

There really is no choice. The baby is not her's, the baby belongs to the parents. She was only a vessel to carry the baby not the baby's Mother. She is a cow to even think of keeping the baby and Rita much be getting dementia to even think of helping her kidnap Izzy and Gary's baby. I say kidnap because she would be stealing someone else's child.In the United States Tina would not be considered the Mother at all and have no right to the baby. I think UK laws need to be updated the same way.

Cobblestone said...

While genetically the baby i undoubtedly Izzy's and Gary's (until we find out otherwise) I think there is a case for arguing that to some extent it is biologically Tina's as well; after all, Tina was not 'only a vessel' in the sense of a mason jar - she shared blood that circulated between her and the baby for seven months; the food she digested passed into the embryo and nourished it, so to deny any sort of biological connection is too simplistic. It's a very grey area. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Tina is totally right to keep the baby. Genetics don't make loving parents and Izzy was already trying to use the baby as a weapon with Gary before he was born by saying he wouldn't be allowed to see him. And given Owen and Annas recent behaviour and tempers that baby will be better off with a mum who loves him. I personally would rather have loving parents that I'm not related to than having a family that cares more about kicking off and getting their own way.

Cathy said...

Tina is not right to keep the baby! Gary and Izzy may be at odds but I don't know how Gary and Izzy can be judged to not be loving parents when they haven't even been given the chance yet. When they were finally able to hold their baby everything changed and their petty problems aside. Tina is feankly SELFISH and has absolutely no right to judge who is fit to look after a baby. She and Tommy have only just got back together, they've broken up several times and considering Tina's relationship history it won't be long before they split up again, so why does she think they would be a better at providing a stable home - even now when she only has Rita's roof over her head.

Not only that but to keep the baby from being past from piller to post isn't an excuse to keep the baby as Gary still has rights under law as the biological father because Tina isn't married so potentially could sue her for full or joint custody. Either way it's not going to be the perfect little family Tina has dreamt up in her rather dim head.

Anonymous said...

Tina should keep baby Joe, he is better off with a mom who loves him. Owen is a bully, Anna is just vicious, Izzy and Gary are constantly arguing. Also can't remember properly but didn't social services already say they wouldn't let Izzy and Gary adopt a child wouldn't that effect them in court. Being biologically related does not mean they will be great parents and anyone who uses children as a weapon against someone is not mature/responsible enough to put their childs best intrests ahead of their own. It really put me off Izzy when she threatened Gary that she would stop him seeing the baby before he was even born.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a case of, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should". While Tina may legally be entitled to keep the baby and may have legitimate concerns about the status of the family she's releasing the baby to, if she keeps this child she's essentially stolen two people's genetic material. Is this story supposed to demonstrate the evils of surrogacy? Very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a case of, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should". While Tina may legally be entitled to keep the baby and may have legitimate concerns about the status of the family she's releasing the baby to, if she keeps this child she's essentially stolen two people's genetic material. Is this story supposed to demonstrate the evils of surrogacy? Very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Legally Tina is the babys mum. And honestly when it comes to kids morals have nothing to do with it you fight tooth and nail for them whether its right or wrong, that's what Tina's doing. To her emotionally baby Joe is her son she has carried him and nurtured him for months. I feel sorry for the Windass family but they should never of used her as a surrogate they should have gone to a surrogacy agency that would have found them someone that already had kids and was emotionally and mentally ready to do something like this. Bullying her and threatening her as they have been is doing them no favours if they do take her to court.

Anonymous said...

Tina should give the baby back. She has not thought ahead to her responsibilty of explaining to the child , when the time comes, why she kept him from his biological parents. A soap opera in its own self

Anonymous said...

The whole lot of them need their heads knocked together!

Anonymous said...

All the stories in the Sreet and other soaps are 'wrung' out till there is NO drop left.
The stories are too long, and I for one lose interest.
One story could be easily dealt with in one week!!


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