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Sunday 16 June 2013

Corrie weekly awards: June 10 - 14

Pulling rank award: Tina decided she'd be the first one to hold the baby.

Insecurity Fail award: Maria is really worried about Marcus.

Gene pool award: Tina reckons just because the baby shares a few genes with his parents doesn't make him theirs. Yes. it does. There's no Tina genes in Jake at all.

Lullaby award: Maybe Eileen should try counting sheep?

Taking the PI$$ award: Oh the toilet jokes at Tracy's expense! (see what I did there? ;)

Pants on Fire award: Paul pretended he wasn't at the fire but the child he saved came to thank him.

Modern Art award: Anna is the Jackson Pollock of the griddle.

Science vs Philosophy: Roy was brilliant, explaining the components of the Earth vs. the imaginary Heaven!

Big Mistake award: Dev noticed Karl's gloves. Karl said he had exema. That's lame and very easy to prove wrong.

Throwback to the 80s: Gloria imagines Deirdre with a perm. We were hoping to forget that look!

Obsession award: Dev was following the right track but it was taking over his life, too.

Lines of the week: 
Audrey to Tracy "Hard work is hardly your forte, is it?"
and "It's not easy being told where to go every 2 minutes although you are certainly used to it"
Peter "I guess they didn't want to spend a penny" Deirdre "Are you all right Tracy? You look a bit flushed"
Marcus "I would no sooner look at another bloke than you would"
Izzy "This can't be happening"
Audrey again, to Maria "You're like a hamster running around a wheel driving us all mad with the same squeak, squeak, squeak" Maria "Is that the hamster or the wheel?" (Maria. Clues. None.)
David "What's this? Musical statues?"
Sylvia "Who was it then? the Ketchup fairy?"
Stella "I want dull... predictable..." (look in the mirror, love)
Gail "It was just 20 things to do with olives!" (Ha! Olives rearing their heads again!)
Roy "Nobody has died here and I find this app business ludicrous"
Gary "You've changed our baby's name?" Deirdre "Named after her bonkers father, from the sounds of it"

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Anonymous said...

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer...Dev..Karl comes in the back door..handling a trophy with gloves on and Dev, who's caught up in his Poirot persona asks..what's with the gloves? All the better to kill you with my dear...

As if..Owen can just throw a tenant out of his apartment, clothes and all and nobody calls the cops?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty has been busy with his six kids for father's day so has not had time to write his usual awards. Above I think Tina was living in Owen's flat rent free - she always is a cuckoo and seems to doss down in other's places - so no rent paid he can kick her sorry backside out any time he chooses. She is now living rent free at Rita and Dennis who she so politely told to 'go to hell' on Friday because they dared to disagree with the tiresome little wretch.

Shan said...

I was wondering why Tina would just let them throw her out of the flat since that would be illegal and what she is doing is technically legal, but yeah, I guess if she's not paying rent she doesn't really have a claim.

The Karl and Dev thing bothered me. I get that Dev is consumed by grief and his "investigation" but I would think even he would question why Karl randomly shows up in his living room, and that the eczema excuse is not a good one. He noticed the gloves, he should have noticed the rest.

But there were some great lines this week, the highlight being Audrey's comments to Tracy, and Deirdre, Carla, and Peter listening outside the door when Tracy was making her cold calls. Kudos to the writers for that gem of a storyline.


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