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Tuesday 25 June 2013

The unpopular point of view

Reading all the comments on the various blog posts here shows us that everyone has a different opinion and that's great. Lately, there've been a lot of negative reactions to two particular storylines (among others), both of which I've held the opposite view.

Time for me to defend the two storylines I'm enjoying, one of which has surprised me considering I really dislike some of the characters and actors involved. That storyline is the one with Tracy, Rob, Carla and Peter. The other storyline I've enjoyed the whole way through is the surrogacy story. Read more here to find out why. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I must have misread the spoilers because I didn't expect Tina to hand back the baby so quickly. That was a nice little surprise and I enjoyed the scene all the more for it. The surrogacy story line was poorly thought out, and the actors did the best they could with it. It has been a draggy story because its timeline was fixed by Mother Nature.

That Peter Barlow's now in two squares! Carla, Rob and Tracy on the one hand and Nick, Leanne and Kylie on the other. I've always liked Peter and Leanne whether they're friends or foes because there's such chemistry between the actors. Paula Lane is great while Jack Shepherd's neither here nor there. Carla's OK, though entirely humourless, but Rob and Tracy do nothing for me. Tracy is a one-note character and Kate Ford completely hams her up. I blame poor direction for this. The Tracy we have at the moment would be fine in pantomime or children's TV but she doesn't cut the mustard in a soap for the over-10's.

abbyk said...

I was so happy Tina gave Jake back to Izzy & Gary. I don't like them as characters, and I don't like their family, but they are his biological parents and they did have an arrangement, no matter how shaky the legalities and adherence to social norms. It took a long time, but Izzy did the right thing for the right reason, and so did Tina. And it was written and acted beautifully.

Tina has always been a giving person willing to help out a friend. Ill mannered and unthinking at times, yeah, but fundamentally sensitive and kind. It would have been a severe change of character if she kept the baby after Izzy's honest revelation.

Tracy & Rob, on the other hand, are like escargot. They are slimy disgusting pests that only serve as an excuse to have garlic & butter, i.e. "more Peter, Carla & Leanne, please." If either of them could act convincingly, I might buy their antics. Alas, no. Without anyone but the audience realizing, David's one day wind up has done more to stir that pot than 6 months of Tracy & Rob's machinations. Time to violate parole, kids, and go back inside. And if it's at all possible, please take Ryan with you.

Stevie said...

I think we've all enjoyed these storylines, however there's been some questionable acting within them!

Tvor said...

I agree about Tracy And Rob, they are pretty scummy but i'm surprised that i've enjoyed them in the storyline. Probably due to the involvement of Peter and Carla.

Janice. said...

What I enjoy about this blog is that it is irreverent. Negativity does not mean hatred. For example, if one friend says to the other, "Did you see that awful dress she had on." It is two friends sharing a laugh about a mutual acquaintance. In this case the mutual acquaintance is fictional, actors, writers, wardrobe paid to put on a show. If ever I get so serious about Corrie that any negative comment hurts my feelings, you have permission to put me down.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Janice on this one. It can be just as much fun to have a moan about what we don't like as to talk about the brilliant bits (which I notice is happening rather more frequently lately). I don't think that makes anyone intolerant - we're just enjoying our favourite soap. I enjoy hearing others' take on story lines and characters, even if I don't agree with them. The only comments I find offensive are those that make unpleasant personal remarks about other commentators. Fortunately, on this blog, that seems to be pretty rare.

As I was one of the people who mentioned Tina's habit of throwing drinks in people's faces, I would point out that I didn't suggest that she was due (or deserved) a slap, only that one was less inclined to feel sympathy for her because of her previous actions.

Anonymous said...

No matter how the writers spin it..they cannot redeem the character of Tracy Barlow. She's a cold blooded killer and will strike again...maybe Rob will have his head bashed I think...or she'll attack Deidre.


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