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Friday 14 June 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 14 June

Coronation Street, Friday 14th June at 7.30pm

KARL’S PUSHED TO BREAKING POINT. Dev’s relentless digging is taking it’s toll on Karl and when Dev reveals he’s asked the police to look at the CCTV footage from the hospital to see if anyone had access to Sunita’s room it’s the last thing Karl needs to hear. Will the police agree to re-open the case? Back at the Alahans Karl’s rattled, knowing he needs to put an end to this before it’s too late. As Dev opens up to Karl he picks up a golf trophy and positions himself behind Dev. Is Karl about to silence Dev for good?
IZZY & GARY HATCH A PLAN AS TOMMY & RITA HAVE A SECRET. As a homeless Tina moves into Rita and Dennis’ flat, Gary urges Tommy to talk to Tina. Tommy stands by Tina’s decision but alone with Rita he admits he has doubts. Meanwhile in a bid to prove to the courts that they can offer the most stable home Izzy invites Gary to move back in. What does this mean for Izzy and Gary as a couple? 
NICK SAVES THE DAY FOR KYLIE. When Kylie realises she can’t afford to book a stay in a cottage Nick offers to chip in. But as David watches their furtive conversation will it arouse suspicion?
Elsewhere Eileen vows to sort herself out so she can be proud of Paul’s job and not fearful.

Friday 14th June at 8.30pm

KARL HAS MURDER IN MIND. As Karl stands behind Dev, sick at the thought of what he’s about to do, he implores Dev to stop raking over the past as it will only result in more pain. Desperate, he begs Dev to think of the effect on Aadi and Asha. Will Dev back down or will Karl feel forced to strike?
TINA BEGINS TO QUESTION WHETHER SHE’S DONE RIGHT. In the pub Tommy has a tough time defending Tina’s actions. Arriving by his side, Tina’s desperate to offer Izzy and Gary an olive branch and insists they can see ‘Joe’ when he’s out of hospital. Reeling from the name change and token gesture a row threatens.
DAVID WONDERS WHAT KYLIE IS UP TO. When David catches Kylie stuffing some paperwork in her bag (it’s the cottage booking), then she denies having seen Nick earlier David’s suspicions are inflamed.
Elsewhere Eileen seeks professional help as she vows to keep her promises to Paul.

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Elsie Tanner said...

Someone please remind me, because I can't for the life of me remember.... where does Tommy live?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Poor old Dennis, they only live in a flat, havent been married long and Teenar and Tommeh now with baby seem to be living with them almost permanently. Rita should give some regard to her husband instead of pandering to this couple all the flamin time! She seems almost obsessed with them.

Anonymous said...

I hope there's a crisis soon with Rita and Dennis whereby he tells her right where to get off!! He's on an allowance, can't spend a few more bob at the market or Rita will give him what for, yet she can throw loads of dosh around whenever it comes to that waste of space Tina! I hope he moves out and she comes to her senses..then they can kiss and make up. Rita is getting too sancimonious IMO.

Nathan Johnson said...

Dennis is seriously needing a storyline of his own instead of wandering around the back of Rita. I even laughed the other night when he asked Rita what they were doing at the hospital, he seems to just be there for the sake of it without any purpose.

I wish he was with Sylvia instead as I enjoyed them both together, but Rita would rather have him as some sort of a lapdog to do her bidding and boss around.

It wasn't long ago she berated him for over spending (after giving him a credit card of his own) but as Anonymous points out she seems to throw money towards Tina without any problem.

Anonymous said...

I would like to remind everyone that Tina has been a regular part of Rita's life for a lot longer than Dennis has (Dennis all those years ago was long ago and far away). I respect her for NOT dropping Tina just because she is married now.

Zagg said...

But Bev, Rita made VOWS with her husband, not Tina.I understand her wanting to support Tina, but not handing over her life savings, that is just silly writing. Rita is supposed to be the voice of reason on this show, and this move is just stupid. Period.
In real life, can you imagine your spouse handing over ALL of your money for such a thing? What would any sane person's reaction be? And yes, Dennis came into the marriage with nothing, but this move is simply ridiculous and unbelievable.


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