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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Sneak preview of tonght's Corrie - Wednesday 26 June

Coronation Street, Wednesday 26 June 2013

Tina and Izzy are both at breaking point as they face up to the reality of baby Jake's future life.
When Tim reveals he and Jason have been offered work away, he asks Faye to see if she can stay at Anna's for a few days. Faye's worried, having been rude to Anna earlier, but lies that it's fine as she doesn't want to hold Tim back.
David's got Gail convinced that Peter's sniffing round Leanne and something is going on again. David's secretly thrilled that it's all going according to plan.
Roy apologises for losing his temper with Craig, admitting to Hayley that he doesn't trust himself anymore and wonders what's happening to him. Norris continues to nurse Emily but when a gift arrives from Freda, he can't resist passing it off as his own.

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Stephen said...

I'm getting very tired of weaselly David Platt's evil little smirks. I hope this storyline is a short one, and that his come-uppance, when it comes, will change his outlook. However, we know it won't.

I think Kylie and Nick have paid for their indiscretion, what with Gail on her high horse and their own guilt, but if David feels rotten because of it, he deserves to. He's a mean-spirited little turd, at the best of times.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether we are going to see Freda pay Emily a visit soon.

The.HR.Doctor said...

The "David knows" story line is probably going to go on as long as the "Carl did it" story line, primarily because it will be a tough 'out' for the writers. If Carl's exposed, he's either going to jail, pulls a runner, or maybe even suffers his own demise. Either way, the character's probably history. I can't see the writers letting him get away with murder, it sends the wrong message and Corrie is big on social messages.

What surprises me is the Family Platt clan haven't tweaked that he knows given his behaviour, especially considering they were all paranoid for months that he would find out. Now they're all gormless.

Dilly Daydream said...

Stephen: "He's a mean-spirited little turd, at the best of times"

You could just as easily be talking about Norris there!

I always give David a bit of leeway because I think he's had a crap life (the bit about nightmares of being driven into the canal was very telling).

Norris is another matter, he really is a little shit! And with no other reason to be so than he's just plain nasty!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Teenar has handed over baybay Joejake to the rightful parents, let that be an end to it please. No more dissecting it and going on and on and on about it still. Frosty says enough already!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that we are given a build up for weeks with storylines ( including spoilers) but deprived at the climax ? We didn't see HOW Izzy persuaded Gary to change his mind it was only referred to afterwards. We also didn't see what happenned just after Tina changed HER mind at the hospital because again it cut to another scene . Also we didn't actually see how Karl killed Sunita because again it cut scene . As viewers me and hubs feel robbed. And while I'm at it WHEN did Owen move in with Anna ? And why has Eddie not even been referred to since the birth of his first grandchild? I find it very frustrating and hope someone from the PTB will take note ! We wuz robbed!

Tvor said...

We did see it. She impressed upon him that Jake was the important thing and all that. I think by the end of the break, Gary had thought more about it and realized that the baby would grow up angry and upset and he realized she was right, the baby's stability was the important thing. You could see in Gary's eyes just before the break (either the end of the scene or the ad break, i forget which) that she'd struck home.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:00, I believe Owen moved in with Anna after turning his flat over to Tina.

Anonymous said...

What do you other commenters make of Craig's strange behaviour? What was he doing in the lav of the Cafe and how did he get there? Where was he on the night of the fire and what did he see? He knew his mother was in the Bistro watching the Full Monty nonsense. I'll bet his curiosity got the better of him but he got more than he bargained for. What I can't figure out is how he thinks playing poltergeist in Roy's Rolls is going to serve any purpose. I hope he confides in Roy before Roy loses the plot (literally?)!

Anonymous said...

The Platt family are morons. Not one of them is the slightest bit suspicious over David..acting all creepy and shifty-eyed? He'd be the first one I'd suspect if I was his mum..but then Gail has become the idiot woman of the street. And, since when do cleaners mop up during business hours? I didn't see any wet floor signs anywhere..what if someone fell and Nick was sued?.what if Emily fell and broke a hip?

KiwiKim said...

Can't stand David's "Evil" look, more like panto deranged! I'd feel more sorry for him if he just looked sad.

Since when would any adult ask a child if they could sort out staying over at someone's house for a few days. Wouldn't they ask the person themselves?

And as for the spoilers, you'd have to be pretty naive to not realise by now that the Corrie hype machine is constantly at work there. I remember when we were told after the tram crash that Peter beats Nick up. All I can recall is he knocked him to the floor of the bistro rebuild and towered over him with his crutch....can't even remember if he hit him with it to be honest, it was such a non starter.

Anonymous said...

In last night's episode, after he has taken credit for buying Emily the gift Freda sent, Norris gets nervous when Emily says she's going to call Freda up for a chat.

My question is how can Freda chat on the phone when she is deaf? Is there new technology that makes that possible?

Anonymous said...

Freda can chat to Emily via teletype or operator relay. It's been around for decades.


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