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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Some puzzling Corrie questions

There are some puzzling Corrie questions floating around my head today so I thought I would share them with you in a little blog-ette. Please do add your own to my list.

So here we go:

Why does Tina think it is perfectly acceptable to renege on an agreement, destroy peoples' lives, use someone else's money to pay for legal fees and then stroll back behind the Rovers Bar like nothing has happened?

Why does Craig Tinker act so weird every time he is around Dev, Karl or anyone discussing the Rovers fire?

Why must we endure another bout of David's evil stare, David plotting revenge on his family and David smashing up other people's posessions? Doesn't the writing team have any better ideas?

Why doesn't anyone remind Anna and Gary Windass of what their family did to Tina's father in the not-too-distant past?

Why do the Powers That Be think any of us care about the living arrangements of Ryan and Katy, or even that they exist at all?

Where are Dr Carter and Mandy Kammara? Have they eloped? Again, does anyone care?

And finally, why do I want to put my foot through the screen every time Norris appears?

Watching Coronation Street can be a very frustrating experience sometimes!

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Stevie said...

Good point about Craig!

But you MIGHT be taking the soap opera a little bit too seriously!?

Walk the dog and breathe :)

Humpty Dumpty said...

Mandy: I posted this on a previous blog and here's an extract:
I googled the actress and if it's the same Pamela Nomvete, she obviously is a very respected professional and should have been given better story lines. The photos on the internet don't look anything like her now, but they state she's in Coronation Street. If it's the same lady, she has recently directed a play and written a book as below:

I think tptb have realised Mandy and Lloyd aren't gelling and have let Pamela have time off for other commitments.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I'm on my lunch break at work - I need a diversion!

And I ALWAYS take my Corrie seriously

Stevie said...

haha I think we all do secretly :)

Tvor said...

Craig will be the catalyst in the Karl/Murder storyline.

My telly screen also has Norris related damage. I've never liked that character and never found him funny beyond the occasional good line. He's always been a mean spirited, gossipy, nasty piece of work even when he was first on the show as Derek's nemesis back in the 90s.

David is damaged. The divorce was hard on him and then the Richard Hillman thing was traumatic. He's never really dealt with the anger. I don't think it's that they can't think of anything else, it's a throw back to the psychological problems he obvious has with anger. He doesn't know any other way to deal with it.

Dr. carter only appears now and then when needed. It's too bad they never put more into the character past dating Tina, a mismatch of the worst kind if ever there was. I miss Mandy. I wonder if the actress was busy with other things and couldn't be included of late.

Ryan. Katy. Who?

Pretty much nobody else thinks Tina should keep Gary and Izzy's baby either.

The Windass non-payment to Joe might have started his downfall but he did the worst of it to himself.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why does Stella have the gall to tell paying customers to "lay off" Tina, a barmaid that starts fights and is rude to everyone and has let her down umpteen times.

Why does Michelle have to go overboard in telling the dumbo Katie that she is welcome to freeload in their small flat with her child for as long as she likes when it clearly is not alright.

Why does Gloria even exist? She serves no useful purpose.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I asked this question at the time and again today in another spot here, and I'm still waiting for an explanation. Why was there a handbag (purse) to be inventoried among Sunita's things at the hospital? She saw Karl pass in the ginnel, put down her wine glass and followed him into the Rover's. She was NOT carrying her purse. When she was pulled from the fire and put into the ambulance, with Dev accompanying her, there was no purse! So why was there one among her effects in the ICU? If Dev had decided to bring it for her later he would remember that.
The whole storyline about the murder has been sloppy and full of holes. In the real world Karl could not possibly have wandered in & out of Sumita's room like he did without being stopped. The police would have reviewed the tapes from cameras in the hospital, etc. etc.

Shan said...

I like evil David even if it is a repeat of old behaviour/storyline. As long as they give him periods of being normal, it's quite enjoyable.

I personally have never thought of Dr. Carter as a full time character. He was only brought in a for a few episodes and I guess they decided to keep him around for any medical related story lines, rather than having to hire a new actor any time someone needs to go to the doctor. But attempts to integrate him into the street (dating Tina) didn't work for me.

My question: what on earth are they doing with Katy? If they want to make her the next sex symbol of the street when Michelle Keegan leaves, they need to come up with better story lines and stop having her act like a spoiled little child.

Rachel said...

I'm assuming Tina's exit storyline will be her handing back the baybeh and leaving because she can't bear to see the Windass/Armstrong clan bringing up Joe/Jake.

ChiaGwen said...

Norris: Either tone down his nasty vile character or get rid.
Katy and Ryan: Throw them under a bus and give their screen time to Dennis.
Dr. Carter: Perfect amount of screen time and why couldn't they hire another actor to portray a doctor when they needed one - surely he isn't the only one at the Clinic?
Mandy: Don't miss her at all - mismatched with Lloyd and those scarves annoy me.
Craig: Agree that he will be central to unmasking the true fire starter - Karl. Fab little actor.
David: Good acting but not looking forward to the continuous smashing of furniture and other incidentals. Could have been played out in a more understated way.

Anonymous said...

I am with you there Graeme N. Otherwise why follow Corrie blogs:-)

Tvor said...

Did they specifically say it was a purse they inventoried or just an invetory? She could have had the keys in her pocket.

Anonymous said...

I personally like Dr. Carter, and wish they would use him more. Rather than have him date someone from the Street, he should meet a girlfriend from elsewhere, and bring her back to the Street - hopefully an educated, with-it kind of lady. I can't believe that NO young women on the Street have a desire for an education (and certainly don't believe that a trained physiotherapist would be working part-time in a corner store.)

Zagg said...

Bev you hit the nail on the head and Jenna working part-time in a corner store.What the hell? She is an educated person who had a career and then dumped it all. Ok, I get the gay thing and that's fine. But who believes that anyone would throw away all that to be in a childish relationship with Sophie with no job future? I mean have you seen them? It's like they are 14 year olds, hanging at Sophie's mum's house after school.It is just so stupid.

Why can't they have any educated people on the street besides Ken and Brian, who they depict as a bumbler? It's like everybody gets sucked into a black hole of stupidity once they hit the street. Not realistic at all.

Anonymous said...

Dr Carter , Jenna, Mandy, Stella ,Gloria, Rob, Ryan,
get rid ! Give Norris better stories to redeem his nasty qualities .

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more with writer of this item. I totally disagree with Mr. Dawson. The writers continually ignore very pertinent story lines. ESPECIALLY the Windass scenario. Anna and Gary ripped off Tina's father and sent him on his way to ruin. If Tina's such a tough-minded individual, the writers would have never associated the Windass/McIntyre 'family'

Newfy Pearl said...

Interesting that in the summer preview there is no mention of Karl at all. So I suspect this means the storyline will conclude soon? As for Tina - she is involved with David and his crazy antics....does this mean she is not tied down looking after a baby?

Anonymous said...

Tina is going to give the baby back, of course. She's having mental health issues at the moment that nobody is natal depression...
David is getting his...yay..about time the evil little prat. All the anguish he caused his family over the years and now..well...Karma's a beyotch...loving it...Kylie too..for the way she treated her poor sister..selling Max to her and then snatching him back..awful so I'm glad the both of them are getting some payback.
Dr. he even a character anymore?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Carter is hot. I'd do him in a heartbeat. I wish we could see more of him in coming episodes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 17.41 and Zagg - so well said! I agree 100%! My sister and I long time Corrie fans constantly lament about the fact that no young people on the street aspire to better themselves. My son who comes from a blue-collar (working class family)has two degrees and most of his friends gay/straight are also well-educated and gainfully employed. He totally respects the working class he worked a summer in the same factory where his Dad worked but he wanted a better life no working 12 hour shifts and every other weekend. So he put his head down got scholarships and got an education. I really wish one of the young people on Corrie would get an education! To see Jenna working a Dev's shop is so sad. I'm sorry but her character is just not working no offence to the actress who portrays her but her and Sophie as a couple just doesn't work for me at all.

njblas said...

Oh yes! More of hunky Dr Carter please:) I agree previous attempts at integrating the character haven't worked but I don't think that's the actor's fault. He could be a strong presence and a real asset with the right storyline...

Nick (Manchester) said...

A very interesting post by the author and some good questions. I also dispair and fail to understand the Tina/surrogacy storyline at the moment. All very strange. A simple DNA test would surely give the Windasses custody of the child should it ever go to court!

As for the Karl/fire storyline, I totally agree with the author when he said, "Why does Craig Tinker act so weird every time he is around Dev, Karl or anyone discussing the Rovers fire?" and with Tvor who said he had crucial information that would throw the case wide open but why it's taking so long, even for him to tell his mother, amazes me. Perhaps the fact he hardly ever says a word?

A question I would ask is how come whenever someone is discussing the fire and Sunita's involvement (or lack thereof) Karl always comes in or happens to be there, whether it's in the cafe, Nick's Bistro, the Rovers or even in the street. He's acting guilty and shifty yet nobody seems to be picking up on it?! Very strange. Dev seemingly was making a very good detective yet he never suspects Karl could have something to do with it? Why else would he perpetually ask Dev to drop it? Yes maybe he's a friend but still very suspicious yet Dev isn't giving it a second thought apparantly.

Oh well that's soap land fantasy world I guess. :)

lizzieizzard said...

Where is Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot? surely one of the capable smart folk wearing the blue uniform will come along and "talk" to all the locals including young Craig who by his actions knows more than he is saying - think he saw Karl coming out of the Rovers just as the first flames happened... Maybe Dr Carter will meet up with the Craig in Roy's whilst getting a coffee and Craig will ask to talk to him and all will be resolved...

Anonymous said...

I think the reason Craig hasn't said anything yet is that he was probably doing something/been somewhere he shouldn't have when he saw Karl and is afraid of getting in trouble.

Chatty Kathy said...

Nick, in the UK and the US, she who gave birth is the legal mother, DNA not withstanding. She can give up the child herself, but it can't be taken away from her because the DNA doesn't match. Children can't be bought or sold by law, so the whole surrogacy for pay contract wouldn't fly in court.

No, sorry, but Tina's the mother until or unless SHE says otherwise.

( I'm not saying this is morally right. Just stating the law.)


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