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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, July 1-5

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 1 July to Friday 5 July

David reveals his evil plans to Tina, Roy’s sleepwalking into danger, Emily propositions Norris, Anna finds Faye home alone.

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Anonymous said...

Are those olives David is pelting Gail with?! Well now, didn't see that coming. What the heck is up with Anna screaming the house down, sticking her fingers in everyone's faces and/or committing some sort of violence? Has she been taking lessons from Owen? Charming. This Chesney/Katy/Ryan/Sinead circle is even more tedious than the Nick/Peter/Leanne/Carla circle.

Stephen said...

Emily does WHAT???

Anonymous said...

So David has found a useful use of all those dreaded olives - shame he can't act grown up and talk it out with Kylie and nick - or at least keep quiet and do a test after the baby is born to see if he is the dad....

KAOS said...

Must we have Faye do anything? Thank God for Sky+

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would ever consider turning off Corrie. I ahev watched all my life adn now that our Canadian coverge has improved so that we see espisodes a weeka fter they broadcast in Uk I just never thought I would feel this way.
I am tired of these horrible sick plots like the one coming up with David
I am tired of epople ebing killed off and tired of 5 minute couples
I dont want to wacth Marfcus and maria split by Todd as thestory of Maarucs adn Maria being together happens in rela life . It has an edge as Tood and Marcus would ba bore.
I would like to see a baby for marcus and maria or bring Todd back for Sean but not to split up marcus an Maria.
Marcus did not elave Maria foe Aidan who was more of a match.
Corrie has lots of gay couples adn community ...bring Norris out of the closet .
Corrie used to revolve around funny human stories not Marcus a great cahracter ahving a fling with Todd.
There has been no story development with Marcus and Maria due to the fact she was on the skating show.His parents were a great addition ....the Rovers crowd still make cracks at them so much more to explore.
Like then actors I just think the storylines are not good anymore.
Never thought I would feel this way about Corrie.

Chatty Kathy said...

@ Anon. 06:55

I totally agree! Marcus and Maria actually had a FRESH story, but we hardly ever saw them. Now they're splitting, and we never even knew them as a functioning couple.

TPTB were too intent on sticking St Ella in our faces every 5 minutes to explore any REAL stories.

Katy/Ryan/Chesney = ugh.

Tina surrogacy = ugh.

Eileen/Paul = BIG UGH!

And now David is shedding all the maturity we've seen him develop as he reverts to mischief and violence. Again. Would it have been too much for the writers to give David some new perspective to deal with this situation, since they were the ones who made him into a supposedly mature, responsible adult? No, let's just give the people what we think they want - David chewing up the scenery and being the Street's Bad Boy. Again. Oh, how tedious.

I've already stopped watching, and I was a huge fan. I keep track of what's going on by coming here. So far nothing has enticed me back.

Mad Hatter said...

Chatty Kathy I agree with you, especially with David. I am bored with characters reverting to type, its as if the writers are too lazy to continue their new development they just want the character to return to their old ways, as that is what the viewers remember them by. I enjoyed David maturing up and marrying Kylie and becoming a dad to Max, but now he has gone back to being a spoilt little boy thinking everyone is against him. And how is he going to turn back from this? It goes to show his psychotic behaviour has always been brewing up below the surface.

And its going to be painful to watch especially when Nick, Kylie or Gail won't even twig its David, despite his current strange change in behaviour.

Chatty Kathy said...

Mad Hatter, I agree. When they finally see that it's David doing all the sneaky dirty deeds and destruction, the family will have to acknowledge that David is mentally ill. He really needs putting away because he's a danger to others and himself. They shouldn't be able to sweep it away yet again like when he tried to kill Gail.

Apparently the maturity act was just a clever cover for a mentally ill person. At least that's what it will look like. All David's growing up and taking responsibility and caring for his family will be for nothing if the writers show us that he has been a simmering psycho all along.

Was that TPTB's intention, or is this just more sloppy, incompetent writing, like the whole Rovers fire story?

Anonymous said...

Throwing olives at her? Why not just push her down the stairs like he did when he found out about Tina's abortion? Why is Gail letting herself be abused so much?.she's turning into a right lush too.

Emperor Blackburn said...

Haha, I am ruining this show. Even my terrible deeds with put Collinson's rubbish to shame!


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