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Tuesday 11 June 2013

Corrie fans vote Becky's exit as their favourite

Coronation Street Blog readers have voted Becky McDonald's exit in 2012 as their favourite exit. 316 of you voted and 57 (18.04%) voted for Becky's exit where she left Weatherfield for Barbados with her new boyfriend after ruining ex Steve's wedding to Tracy.

In second place came Mike Baldwin's exit in 2006 with 43 votes (13.61%). He died in the arms of nemesis Ken Barlow in front of the factory. In third place came Mike's ex Alma Halliwell who died of cancer in 2001, receiving 37 votes (11.71%). In fourth place with 35 votes (11.08%) was Lewis Archer's exit this year when he left with Gail's money.

In fifth place came Richard Hillman's exit in 2003 with 17 votes (5.38%), when he perished in the canal. Both Hilda Ogden's exit in 1987 and Liam Connor's exit in 2008 were close behind with 16 votes (5.06%) in sixth place. Maxine Peacock's exit in 2003 when she was killed by Hillman received 15 votes (4.75%) and was in seventh place. Tony Gordon's death in 2010 when he perished in the factory fire was in eighth place with 14 votes (4.43%).

In ninth place, receiving 11 votes (3.48%), was Jack Duckworth's exit in 2010. And completing the top ten tied are Alan Bradley's exit in 1989 and Elsie Tanner's exit in 1984 with 9 votes (2.85%).

Martha Longhurst's death in 1964 received 7 votes (2.22%) and was in eleventh place. In twelfth place was Anne Malone who froze to death in Frescho's freezer in 1998 with 5 votes (1.58%). Bet Gilroy's exit in 1995 received 4 votes (1.27%). Valerie Barlow's death of electrocution in 1971 received 3 votes (0.95%).

The following received 2 votes (0.63%): Ernest Bishop, Renee Roberts, Judy Mallett, Duggie Ferguson and Karen McDonald, while Brian Tilsley, Don Brennan, Patricia Hillman, Jed Stone, Natasha Blakeman, Toni Griffiths, Sarah Grimshaw and Les Battersby all received 1 vote (0.32%).

Happy with the results?

If you haven't yet, you can vote for your favourite Corrie family here.

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David said...

A good result, although there wasn't really a bad one in the selection. Still think Ernie's was the best, mind, what a way to go!

Llifon said...

I voted for Ernie as well. Surprised more didn't vote. It's still a dramatic exit even today, being gunned down!

Cobbestone said...

Got to say I'm surprised someone voted for Toni Griffith. She was only in about three episodes, brought in specifically as a sacrifice to the great god Ratings. We never got to know or identify with her, so it's difficult to see how this exit can compare with some of the highly emotioally charged exits of beloved characters.

Perhas it was the actress who played her who voted for her? ;)

Anonymous said...

I loathed Becky. Such an overrated character and so hammed up its unreal. Then of course she got an exit and was treated like a saint, despite all the crap she had caused for Steve, but he was made out to be the bad guy in the end while she got her fairytale ending.

Shan said...

Maybe the person who voted for Toni only started watching the show a few months ago!

I can't even remember who I voted for but quite a few of the choices I never saw as I've been watching for only a decade. It's funny, one exit that stands out for me is Dennis who Janice and Eileen used to date (right?) That was one of the first few episodes I watched and I thought "oh this show looks interesting!"

Zagg said...

I actually had to Google Toni Griffiths on Corrie to remember who it was! lol I think it must have been the actress who voted as well!

Plutonian said...

I agree with Anonymous - Becky was over exposed and overacted. Whenever I saw the words "Becky goes on the rampage" in an episode description, I knew there'd be tons of gurning and shouting. I was glad she left


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