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Sunday 23 June 2013

Spoiler alert about Todd Grimshaw's return

Ooh, I like the sound of this.  There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Mirror that says when Todd Grimshaw returns to Corrie, he'll make a play for Marcus, forcing Marcus to choose between Todd and Maria.

Mr Curry Sauce told the Mirror: “Coronation Street has never shied away from controversial issues and this will be one of the most talked about ever. Producers are delighted to have Todd’s character back and he will be thrown straight into the centre of a big story.”

Todd was last seen making a brief appearance in Weatherfield in April 2011, and will be on screens from the autumn.

Read the history of Todd Grimshaw here.

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Anonymous said...

I knew it! Obvious really but will still be good if they do it ok. I just hope they don't do an 'Amber' on Todd and make him all nasty as there was always more to him than just who to 'get off' with- Micky

Frosty the Snowman said...

So it will be yet more self pitying whining from loser in love Maria to look forward to then? Why they renewed this contract when we have been here umpteen times is beyond Frosty.

Beth said...

I agree with Frosty. Maria has been around the Street in men and it doesn't look as though they can think of anything else they can do with her but shack her up in mis matched relationships. Strange.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Maria has some potential and Samia's not a bad actress. Unfortunately, all her storylines are around love and romance. Newsflash, writers, this is not Hollyoaks and there are more interesting things to watch than other people's love affairs. Maria's got a son and a brother so she could have a storyline about one of them. Maria could astound everyone by going back to college. Now that would be interesting to watch.

Anonymous said...

I said this last year..Todd should come back and wake Marcus up to who he really is. Good story ahead!! Time to end the Marcus and Maria show.

7twonder2011 said...

I bet she will discover that she is pregnant with Marcus' baby AFTER he has chosen Todd, we can all see it coming.

Anonymous said...

The writers should make Maria wake up to the reality that she is over 30 and on her own after all this. Its a reality than many women face and could be interesting to see her face the fact that, although still unbelievably pleasing to the eye, she is doomed to never ending romances and faced with an uncertain future. They could actually make her a bit more interesting by developing her in this way, seeing her contempories such as Ty and Fizz settled down yet she is not. Who are her friends nowadays? Audrey? Could be interesting. Just hope this whole Todd/Marcus/Maria affair does not include any moping around/bitching by Sean as I dont think I could cope with that.- Micky

Shan said...

I hope that they do this storyline seriously and not with Todd becoming devious. I hope that they all have genuine feelings and it's not about Todd trying to make a point that Marcus is still gay.

Poor Maria. I thought when she went through the whole Liam/Carla storyline there was some promise for her beyond being a pretty face on the Street. If the actor playing Liam hadn't wanted to leave the show, perhaps she wouldn't have gone back to just being a partner for whoever needs to be matched up on the show.

Having her pregnant with Marcus' baby after he leaves her for Todd would be a good storyline but I hate to see characters just ending up with a bunch of babies because that's the only storyline they can come up for them.

Anonymous said...

If they bring Todd back in his original form, this pairing would be lovely! Both men have a lot in common in terms of their personalities and their doomed relationships with women. They would be really well-suited on many levels. It would also be nice to see Maria head back to school and make something of herself; prove to herself and others that she's not just some pretty face. For some reason, I see her becoming a pharmacist or a nurse or something. It would help explain her lengthy off screen absences, bring some new interaction/temporary characters into the show, and potentially provide an opportunity for a new business on the Street (funded and run by Sally?). Lots of potential to show strong, resourceful women. Also a great opportunity to show a genuine, solid and successful gay couple on the Street.

Defrost Indoors said...

Even though Todd was working as a law clerk, the law of Corrie mandates that he must lose his professional credentials and start working in the kebab shop or something. It seems obvious to pair him up with Marcus and yes, it would be nice to see Maria doing SOMETHING that isn't relationship-based.


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