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Sunday 30 June 2013

Coronation Street weekly update, June 30 2013

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It went a bit biblical with the baby this week on Coronation Street. In th’ospickle ward, it’s like King Solomon was there himself, ready to divide baby Joe/Jake (Joke?) in half with both Izzy and Tina getting half a baby each; one gets the ba and one gets the by.  The turmoil of the last few months is too much, way too much for Izzy. Never mind Izzy, what about us poor viewers? We’ve been dragged through it too, you know. Anyway, Izzy sees sense and gives up the fight for baby Joke, telling Tina she can have him, she doesn’t want the baby to go through a fight. “You’ve won, he’s yours”  she says, but Tina had already had a chat with Tommy who told her “You’re stealing a baby” so it seemed like she was ready to give him up anyway, and it was a no-brainer handing him back to Izzy as the rightful mum.  Gary gets his name as the dad on Joke’s birth certificate and there’s a bit of confusion the likes of which I do not understand that means Izzy’s not on the birth certificate as the legal mum but will be after a parental order goes through, or something.

David starts his evil plan of revenge on Nick when he nicks Peter’s lighter and drops it down the side of a chair in Nick and Leanne’s love nest up in the dizzy heights of Victoria Court.  He also whispers nasty nothings in Gail’s ear about Leanne still having feelings for Peter and as Gail likes to believe the worst of everyone, but especially her Battersby daughter-in-law, she’s extra nasty to Peter and Leanne this week too, winding things up nicely to David’s satisfaction. Insert evil laugh here.

Norris shows his true and very nasty colours this week when a box set of film noir DVDs arrive for Emily through the post from Freda. Norris intercepts the parcel, rips off the wrapping and presents the present to Emily himself saying it’s from him. Emily’s overjoyed until she finds the get well card from Freda that went with the DVDs and she’s fewmin, I tell you, fewmin.  But instead of chucking out the nasty little chintz that Norris is, he wheedles and whines and tells Emily that the only reason Freda and Spider are sending her flowers and gifts is because they want to be in on her will when she pops off.  “The vultures are circling,” he warns her, pointing out that he lives with and looks after her and he’s not in her will and therefore due nowt when she goes.   What a horrid little man he is.

Roy sets up CCTV in the caf√© to determine who’s breaking in and tidying up. No one has, of course, it’s Roy with his restless mind who has been moving things around after hours.  But the CCTV does capture Roy piling all the chairs up on a table in the caf√©, then leaving through the front door and wandering out in his pyjamas. He’s sleepwalking and Deirdre finds him in his dressing gown and PJs on the red rec as she’s taking Eccles for a walk.  She gets him back home safe and sound, in body if not in mind. Sylvia and Hayley try to talk some sense into Roy but he won’t he helped, not yet away. “But…” Roy interjects as Sylvia tells her son he needs help. Sylvia shuts him up, makes him apologise to Hayley for being rude to her and tells him to get to bed. She’s great, is Sylvia.

And finally this week, Tim and Jason go off to work in Newcastle leaving little Faye home alone in the flat.  Tim thinks Faye’s staying with Anna while he’s away but only takes Faye’s word for this and doesn’t check with Anna, he just jumps into Jason’s van and haway the lads go to the north-east for work.

And that’s about that for this week.

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Rosepatch said...

Wasn't Norris's ex wife called Rosemary? I'm sure she was but Norris referred to her twice last week as Myrtle. Unless he did it on purpose as some sort of joke?

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why hypocritical Gail is so friendly with cheater Kylie yet gets on Leanne's case.
Leanne never tried to sell her own kid!

Rosepatch said...

Have just checked on Corriepedia - Norris's wife was called Myrtle. Sorry!

Zagg said...

Haha...Jake/Joe...Joke! Brilliant! I spit my gum on my keyboard... hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I've always hated Norris for being a sneaky conniving little creep, but he sunk to an all-new low this week. I'm trying to think of a word that's worse than despicable. Loathesome?

~JB in Canada

Frosty the Snowman said...

I thought Norris' wife was Angela, but perhaps he has been unbelievably been married twice.

Cobblestone said...

I think Norris was married three times; Myrtle, Rosemary and then (Derek's ex) Angela. All were disasters.
Norris's decline from being an entertaining, nosy little man into a vile, mean-spirited little rat has been progressing for a long time now, but I have to say, this week he reached his nadir. What he did with that DVD collection was beyond the pale - tantamount, in effect, to stealing. Emily should sling him out.

Cobblestone said...

Anyone else notice the massive gaff last week? Emily wanted to phone Frieda. "Why?" asks Norris? "To thank her and have a chat," says Aunty Em. Hmm. This is the same Frieda who is deaf and relies on lip-reading, is it? Good look with that, Emily - unless you're planning to Skype her. Really poor character consistency from the writers - why didn't they have the DVDs come from Spider? The only reason could be that whoever wrote this episode either forgot or did not know that Frieda's deaf.

Anonymous said...

I just assumed Emily & Frieda have TTY/TDD (or whatever they're called in the UK) devices on their phones, to convert speech to text, since they seem to keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

I just assumed that Emily and Frieda have TTY/TDD devices (or whatever they're called in the UK) attached to their phones, so that speech is converted to text. They seem to keep in touch.

ChiaGwen said...

Whoa! If you were really attentive you saw Mandy back behind the bar for a nano-second - she must have the smallest pay cheque of all the actors, with a close second being Jenna.
Anybody else let out peels of laughter when Nick had that horrible gray top on, with the pink collar and blue patch pocket, buttoned-up so snugly it's a miracle he could swallow any liquid!

ChiaGwen said...

....... should be peals not peels....

Anonymous said...

Massive gaff? Surely you mean gaffe, unless you are speaking of fishing, seal hunting or cross dressing. In any case I do remember the mention of a device to translate speech into text that Emily uses to converse with her niece.


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